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@zylvorak sorry for the spam... Kinda new to post. But is the reply or quote buttons the only way to post? What if I just want to give an update?What do I click to open the window where to type the text with no reply quotes etc? Just a normal plain message? One more post to add to the bottom of this topic? Sorry for the bad English too, but I do my best!

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@zylvorak also...Is the loam engine that important? It looks like it is... If so how do you get your loam engine going with only 1 copy?

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@yakuzaxrock dude idk why but I love your list 😂 maybe because I love drawing cards? I'm not that good at magic and I'm not that good at vintage neither but tonight I'll do my best to pilot your list to the greatest record possible! I'm gonna play it on Cockatrice tho so idk how much relevant my score might be. Prolly zero. But who cares. I know I'll enjoy this night! See you later with the update results man. Keep the bazaar rolling!

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There's always at least a couple of vintage rooms opened

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@p3temangus where can I find that match recorded? Do you know if there are any YouTube videos or twitch record about the tournament?

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@ydl I like the viashino but I think he is not good enough as artifact hate nowadays.
For 3 mana there are better solutions. Since thorn has been restricted I think rack and ruin is better in that slot. It's 2x1 and the fact that is instant is very good vs those tangle wires.
What I don't like about viashino is that you are taping 3 and passing without doing anything. They could revoke it kill with ballista etc.
You could even try the 1 cmc spell with replicate which I don't remember the name but in a monoR deck it's quite good.

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@bazaarofbaghdad My grandpa always said
"2 are better than 0"
What a wise man he was.
I think we all here can agree on the fact that 4 copies are easier to find rather than 2. So, I don't get your point. What are you trying to say? Or maybe you where just suggesting a better idea? Because I can't find it in your post.