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I will be there also. Gotta get power somehow

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I belive the metagame report is off. Iwas on blue black goodstuff

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I plan on going to, possible car pool?

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I will be there also

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Sorry guys, Rolko and I are out.

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@Griselbrother the deck was sick. I liked the leion atbitor ghost quarter synergy. It recked my mentor player. Also having graveyard hate mainboard felt nice, and Mom/Legionarre was mvp of that tornamnet. Without those 2 I dont belive I could of beat the mentor player.

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@mediumsteve drege was one of the decks I new that there would be a lot of. So the g1 tech was sweet

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So I played white trash to 2nd place. The deck was entirely metagamed for the combo environment. It was awsome, it was a balst and it was a really cool deck to play. If I were to play it again I would want to change some things (like adding paths and swords).

My rounds were as follows.
Rd1 was Andrew Raichlin colorless eldrazi.
This was a tough match from the getco. They have bigger dudes then me and they make those dudes faster then me. So I list this round because of not having spot removal. If I had spot removal it would of been different. 0-1

Rd2 bye 1-1 i scouted the area so i new what to expect. This gave me the advantage the rest of the tournamnet.

Rd3 was kevin on dredge
This guy was pissssssssssed
G1 I played turn 1 cage. Turn 2 wasteland his bazzar and played rest in peace, turn 3 contaimnet.
G2 mull to oblivion
G3 played rest in peace and containment turn 1. With spirit of laby and thalia turn 2. He eventually scooped

R4 was againt kevin
G1 Turn 1 was thalia and thorn. He drew and discarded
Turn 2 was spirit of laby. He conceded.
G2 I had laby and Arbitor turn 1.
I think it was turn 3 on his turn that he tapped out to play e.e. on 2. Now i had needle in hand because I saw him play it before and i played needle. I chose to name flooded stand becuase it was on colors for his mana and i wanted to tax him I also had more dudes in hand so i didnt care if he blew up my dudes. It won me the match but i should of played it on e.e becuase it was the correct play at the moment. I dunno, I still won so whatever.
Anyways he blew up my dudes and I cast more. 3-1.

R5 was against Aaron on mentor.
Aaron is a seasond mentor player and this is the one match i wanted to avoid. Thankfully we were both locked in so we drew. I had 4th place after standinds Wooot

Quarterfinals was chad on mentor
G1 had thalia and laby super fast and they won
G2 my draws were horrible so he beat me with mentor
G3. This game was nuts. I played arbitor and ghosted 2 of his lands. He evntually plut in mentor and made guys but I kept clogging the board withdudes. It litterally got to a stale mate and we both were on go, well he was draw go, I was play dude go. I knew that eventually I would win with Legionarre and Mom combo to swing through his army, but I wanted to find the other 2 so I had back up. Between all the taxes, hate and land destruction he couldnt do anything and I won with legon/mom.

Semifinals was Matt on aggro shops
G1 had turn 1 stony silence and 3 relic warders to eat all his permanents. One thing to mention that after my second warder hit the feild he metamorphed it to eat my stony. The 3rd warder ate his metamoph. This gave me flashbacks to 2010 oring nonsense in standard. Lol
G2 he had turn 1 precursor golem. I scopped.
G3 had kataki and legonare to fight his dudes/ tax him. Eventually he got in a balista and shot my kataki. I dew stony the next turn to add insult. But i had both frags so slammed stony, fraged his other thomgs and won.

Finals was mike on 2 card monty.
G1 This match was rough. He faster then me game 1 so I mulled to stony. Got it in play but he had painter on blue and shot stony to grind me.
G2 i mulled to find leyline but at 5 I had needle and stony so I kept. I played needle on grindstone since he didnt play black lenyline turn 1. Found out he had turn 1 kill. So I survived a turn and destoryed both with nature claim and pyro shannigans.

So I got 2nd place with a deck that looks like a pile of crap on a piece of paper. And it feels great. I want to continue expirimenting with hatebears because the deck is awsome. Im really thankfull that my shops match was fun becuase Matt kept making jokes and which helped ease the tension after that stressfull mentor match g3. Word got around the shop that hatebears was in top 8 so some modern dudes came over and were watching. They got interested and I talked with them so thats a +1! If anybody ever had concerns about playing hatebaers I say try it. Its something different and who know, ypu may just like it!

Peace out