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Sure am. Haven't spoken to most of you since I wrote the CS primer on the deck Shay and I worked on 2.5 years ago. Some of you not for much longer (I think we talked on the phone last in 2011 Soly) I'm alive!

Also to add, the Hadley and Waterbury tournaments that followed mine started playing with different rules. 5 of anything proxies, 10 of anything proxies, x number of free proxies - pay extra entry for more proxies, and who can forget the 'we're going to make a batch of less than authentic power cards to beef up the circulation, give them out as prizes, and have them not count towards the proxy limit' proxies. Somewhere in a box, I still have a Black Lotus and an Mox Emerald from those ill-fated events.

Another thing to remember was the guidelines that eventually took shape. Specifically, at the first Hadley tournament in the top 8, a dude played a land with a tiny strip of paper on it that was a Mox. There was a glare on the sleeve from the lights, I never saw that this was Mox-Monkey food, and almost lost a game because of it. That's when common sense rules started to apply. You had to make it clear what card it was, you had to include card text, and it couldn't be slips of paper (full sized or otherwise) because you could feel that thickness difference.

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@Smmenen said in Vintage Proxy Guidelines:

Regarding the original question, to my knowledge Zherbus was the first person to permit "proxy" Vintage tournaments, and the guidelines weren't very strict. The only rule was, at first, just 5 proxies.

Actually, it was 'proxy any of the power 10'. I don't think this ever came up in the interview we did a few years back, but where I was from had a lot of Type 1.5 players. Most players who had been around had access to dual lands (they were like $15 for good ones at the time in 2001/2002), revised restricted cards, and newer stuff. Even Mishra's Workshop was like $20 at the time.

The part that did come up in the interview, which you can find in Smmenen's series, was that at the time Vintage games in general were difficult to find, nevermind any sort of tournament. The complaint was always about 'well you have power, and I don't so I will lose'. It was a valid complaint, but I wanted to show people that Vintage was deeper than the perceived turn 1 kills.

Last anecdote: I remember the event having Redman and Cooberp coming up from NG:NY, bringing Zoo and Enchantress respectfully. An Academy deck was at the top tables, a few Mono-Blue FoF decks, a JPMeyer Stacker 2 deck, a bunch of homebrews, and me with Keeper.

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@Brass-Man said:

Never fear @Zherbus :

Due to a common inability to spell my name, I figured I would write a primer for it.

Spelling my Online Name
by Steve 'Zherbus' O'Connell

Introduction: The letters that make up my name.

The name is spelled with a lone 'Z' followed closely by a mixture of 'H', 'E', 'R', 'B', 'U', and finally, 'S'.

General playing strategy:

One tip I can give you is this: no letters ever repeat themselves.


This should be the order in which you spell it. Z-H-E-R-B-U-S. Commit this to memory. Good luck!
Posted by: Zherbus on 07/23/02

That was the shittiest primer ever written.

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The primer on how to spell my name was lost ages ago. TMD has been re-created multiple times now and it got lost over a decade ago, sadly. Even still, I don't think the humor would be quite at home in 2016 where in ages ago every thread had someone calling me Zherberus or Zerbits, LOL.

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Not only could I not be bothered, but I received some skeevy PM's about holding me and TMD accountable for their losses. Even though threats like that don't hold water, I had more important things in life than fending those off.

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I changed from Zherbus to Zherbus. 🙂