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@brass-man Many thanks for this detailed reply Brass-Man! I am ideally looking for a Outcomeless build and will look to put MacDeath's list together on MTGO over the next few days. Do you still think that the sideboard is relevant for the current meta (or would you add something to it)? Cheers again (and to hierarchnoble) for the suggestions. Much appreciated.

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Hi All,

I'm thinking about making the move from Legacy to Vintage (on MTGO) and was wondering whether this deck is still viable in the current meta? I'm not overly enthusiastic about the Paradoxical Storm variant that appears to be dominant at present, and was really hoping to use an old school style ritual/petition version.

I'm not expecting it to be a top tier deck, but I was hoping that a competitive version is still possible. Any advice you can give me would be much appreciated. I've seen some interesting deck lists (including those posted in this and the Yawgmoth's Storm thread), but I'm nervous about liquidating my Legacy collection on MTGO to invest in a deck if it's going to be unable to win many matchups.

Many thanks in advance for any feedback that you may be able to give me (and for the information already provided on this thread).

Best wishes,