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Well, i can share my experience.

I organize a Vintage Full Proxie Tournament here in Chile, one time at month, with 20ish people.

Is really fun!! I buy like 14-15 pizzas and 100 Beers and we play like 5 rounds with top 8. Latelly, we are streaming in twich and share of our video in YouTube.

Some guys play their cards (i own a Black Lotus and used it) and other guy just play 75 cards proxies. That really don't matter, we have a awesome day with 9 hours of great matches.

I think one day Vintage will be over (our average is like 40 years old), but in the meantime we enjoy the community we rebuilt this far (some guys where 13 years without playing magic).

My opinion? Just play and enjoy this awesome game :).

Our YouTube channel

Our Twitch channel

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Hi guys!

We have our last "Mtg Vintage Chile" Full Proxie Tournament on August. Videos are finally came out so know i can share them and the decks!!! (All our commentators speak only on spanish but still they are fun!)





Round 3

Round 2

Round 1

Check our web site !



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Great article!!!

I'm one of that guys that use Airlinn Kord just because you used it. After reading this i have a new perspective of how important she is.


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Great article man!