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Im going to collect links to youtube& channels that provide Vintage content. If I miss any please let me know and I will add them to the OP. Short information about the channel would be appreciated! Please note this is still work in progress.

---------------YouTube Channels of TMD members:---------------

@RandyBuehler -
Vintage Super League seasons 1-4

@ajfirecracker -
Famous Pitch Dredge player/brewer who has uploaded quite many videos about it to the channel. Channel has also other mtg content and some Hearthstone videos.

@yugular -
DE replays with commentary

@kevdou -
Vintage matches added every few days

@Sibelius -
This is the youtube account of which is a UK based website providing eternal mtg content. Mostly Legacy but Vintage and Oldschool comes up as well!

---------------MtG YouTube channels that include Vintage content:---------------

Card Titan -
Eternal Weekend organizer. Event coverage archives.

WotC -
The official Youtube channel of WotC.
Vintage Super League S5 playlist

MTGGoldfish -
Look under instant decktechs playlist for some random Vintage content.

Draw 3 -
Vintage MTG discussion and box/booster openings. Will discuss the Vintage metagame, tournaments, and various cards regarding the format. @draw3 at TMD

MagicGatheringStrat -
Some vintage videos pop up from time to time as the channels host Dan Hörning tries to learn the format. Their Vintage playlist: [click]

Adelaide Eternal -
Adelaide Eternal run tournaments in the South Australia region, rotating through Legacy, Highlander, and Vintage on a monthly basis. @Sarven at TMD.

---------------Vintage streamers at

@The-Atog-Lord / Rich Shay -
@infant_no_1 -
@oRS -
@Brass-Man / Andy Probasco -
@Thermia -
@TigersBadger -
@Oestrus -
@kevdou -
@ChubbyRain / Matthew Murray -

Andrew Markitan -
Brian Kelly -

---------------Vintage Podcasts:---------------
Host of three Vintage podcasts:
Stay Free Podcast Network is hosting one Vintage podcast:

  • Talkin' Moxen by Thomas Dixon & Danny Batterman
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So I have been updating my spreasheet and mtgo collection for Vintage playable cards. I thought I share my list here in case it helps anyone else or maybe someone finds that I am missing something and would gladly point that out. We had quite many playable cards coming from the sets this year! These cards are listed as how they are released in mtgo because Im a mtgo player. And I also included Battle for Zendikar, though it was released in 2015. This list includes all cards that have seen at least a little bit of play or that I consider possibly vintage playable.


Battle for Zendikar
Endless One

Oath of the Gatewatch
Eldrazi Mimic
Reality Smasher
Thought-Knot Seer
Warping Wail
Eldrazi Displacer
Reflector Mage

Shadows over Innistrad
Thing in the Ice
Nahiri, the Harbinger
Prized Amalgam

Eldritch Moon
Thalia, Heretic Cathar
Mausoleum Wanderer
Spell Queller
Tamiyo, Field Researcher
Emrakul, the Promised End

Ceremonious Rejection
Paradoxical Outcome
Chandra, Torch of Defiance
Kambal, Consul of Allocation
Saheeli Rai
Chief of the Foundry
Fleetwheel Cruiser
Foundry Inspector
Skysovereign, Consul Flagship
Inventor's Fair

Treasure Chest (Conspiracy2&Commander2016)
Recruiter of the Guard
Sanctum Prelate
Leovold, Emissary of Trest
Kaya, Ghost Assassin


Battle for Zendikar

Oath of the Gatewatch

Eternal Masters
Maze of Ith
Mishra's Factory
Chrome Mox
Goblin Charbelcher
Mana Crypt
Relic of Progenitus
Sensei's Divining Top
Enlightened Tutor
Swords to Plowshares
Unexpectedly Absent
Diminishing Returns
Fact or Fiction
Force of Will
Jace, the Mind Sculptor
Mystical Tutor
Animate Dead
Cabal Therapy
Toxic Deluge
Vampiric Tutor
Worldgorger Dragon
Young Pyromancer
Gaea's Blessing
Nature's Claim
Sylvan Library
Xantid Swarm
Baleful Strix
Dack Fayden
Flame-Kin Zealot
Trygon Predator
Deathrite Shaman

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alt text

Season 1 is over and we have a winner for the first ever European Vintage League. Congratulations to René Randrup Rasmussen from Denmark!

We had 16 participants and things went relatively smoothly considering this was our first try. Next I will collect feedback and season 2 will surely happen! All results and top8 table can be found from the League's challonge page:
More discussion and links to all decklists from the league in TMD thread here:

TOP8 Decklists:
1. ReneRandrup - UWR Mentor
2. Subi - Gifts Control
T4. stsung - UWR Delver
T4. wappla - UWR PyromancerGush
T8. Prospector - Paradoxical Mentor
T8. NielsThiim - Uba Stax
T8. kistrand - Sylvan Mentor
T8. Gurnilogan - Esper Mentor

Coverage links:
Finals game 2:
yugular's Group Stage matches:


Huge thanks to all participants and @nucleosynth for helping out with the decklists! I am already looking forward to season 2.

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YouTube video on Vintage Goblin Charbelcher strategies in 2016

Just posted on my channel:

If you want to support the channel -> subscribe or leave feedback.

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European MTGO Vintage players

There has been a discussion about starting a friendly league structure to play some Vintage. I have now set up a facebook group for the planning phase. If you are interested in planning for the league or playing in it just contact me or look up "European Vintage League" group in facebook.


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Hello folks. Those of you who have seen my youtubechannel know that I kinda like Belcher. I have played 9 dailies with Day's Undoing Belcher in the past 9 months and decided to share my results to show some proof that Belcher is still a viable deckchoice. It's a glasscannon for sure, but if you like belcher then don't be afraid to give it a go!

So I've played 9 daily events and I have 7x 3-1 results + 2x X-2 results. Excluding byes I have played 33 matches with 22-11 record. Records by archetype:
Shops: 5-2
Gush: 3-4
Dredge: 3-0
BigBlue: 2-1
BlueControl: 0-1
Combo: 6-2
Oath: 0-0
Eldrazi: 0-1
Other: 3-0

It's a small samplesize but there you go.

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alt text

Rene Randrup of Denmark takes back-to-back league wins and is crowned again as a EVL Champion! Congratulations!!

The event page:

1. ReneRandrup - Jeskai Mentor
2. Prospector - RavagerShops
T4. matori - Dredge
T4. oddseidank - StillDepths
T8. NielsThiim - RavagerShops
T8. Forduc - JacoDrazi
T8. yugular - Day's Undoing Belcher
T8. PSiGNOSiS - DragonlordOath

All 18 decklists from the event can be found here:

I have been on holiday and busy so sorry for the delay on publishing the results! Huge thanks to all participants and special thanks to @Log for taking care of collecting and posting decklists. Season 3 will follow! Feedback is more than welcome!

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That is exactly what I am aiming for 🙂 Though the majority will rule.

I originally proposed that we would post pairings on sunday and people have until next saturday to arrange and play their match.

I will keep this thread up-to-date once things move forward.

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Vintage Daily Swiss - Event #9667630 - 7.5.2016 21:30 (GMT+3)

I just played in my first ever Vintage Tournament!

20 or 19 players showed up. Player integgroll shows up in the standings but doesn’t have opponent and I have a bye. This is weird? Maybe integgroll joined the very second when the event fired and it messed it up somehow? After round one his record was 0-0… (standings screenshot)

I am relatively new player to Vintage and this is my first Vintage daily. I chose to play a Day’s Undoing Belcher list I saw online. Did a few practice matches and noticed the deck can win out of nowhere even in the hands of a player with my skill level. Sideboarding was hard though because I had played so little with this deck. I have some knowledge about the format as I have owned P9 since it was available online and I have played some casual games every now and then, but competitive Vintage is new for me.

The Decklist:


  • 1 Tolarian Academy


  • 1 Black Lotus
  • 2 Chrome Mox
  • 2 Expedition Map
  • 2 Goblin Charbelcher
  • 1 Lion's Eye Diamond
  • 1 Lotus Petal
  • 1 Mana Crypt
  • 1 Mana Vault
  • 1 Memory Jar
  • 1 Mox Emerald
  • 1 Mox Jet
  • 3 Mox Opal
  • 1 Mox Pearl
  • 1 Mox Ruby
  • 1 Mox Sapphire
  • 1 Sol Ring
  • 1 Time Vault
  • 1 Voltaic Key


  • 4 Day's Undoing
  • 1 Demonic Tutor
  • 4 Gitaxian Probe
  • 1 Ponder
  • 1 Time Walk
  • 1 Timetwister
  • 1 Tinker
  • 1 Wheel of Fortune
  • 1 Windfall


  • 1 Ancestral Recall
  • 1 Brainstorm
  • 4 Force of Will
  • 1 Pact of Negation


  • 4 Leyline of Anticipation


  • 2 Dack Fayden


  • 4 Notion Thief
  • 4 Simian Spirit Guide


  • 3 Defense Grid
  • 4 Grafdigger's Cage
  • 1 Hurkyl's Recall
  • 3 Mental Misstep
  • 3 Mishra's Workshop
  • 1 Tezzeret the Seeker

Round 1: Bye

R2: Lexor19 - Ravager Shops
Game1: Im on draw. Start with active leyline. He plays Ancient Tomb and puts Thorn into stack. I respond with: Chrome Mox (not exiling anything), Mox Opal, exile Simian Spirit Guide, Sol Ring, Wheel of Fortune. Proceed with fresh hand: Mox Jet, Mana Vault, Git Probe, LED, Brainstorm, Time Vault. Then comes my turn1 and I cast Tinker into Voltaic Key. He doesn’t concede and I almost make a mistake but still manage to beat him in few mins with Notion Thief.
G2: I mull down to 6 and keep a hand that loses to t1 Thorn of Amethyst following t2 another Thorn of Amethyst.
G3: I get to activate belcher t1 to reveal academy as my 1st card, priceless! 😄 t2 i deal 19 and he’s at 1 life. t3 I activate belcher again and hit for 2 dmg. This one was close. I would have died to Reality Smasher and Though-Knot Seer next turn. I sideboarded Workshops in which I believe were meant for this matchup but actually almost got me as the second belcher activation wasn't lethal because of workshops.

R3: Sand_Crab - Dredge
G1: Play first. Opponent mulls to 5 and starts with leyline of the void at the battlefield. I have a good hand and I can assemble VaultKey combo, but I misclick and untap Sol Ring instead of Mana Vault and lose. Yeah Im bad at this game...
G2: Opponent mulls to 3 and I start with Leyline in play. He plays Bazaar turn1 and I play a dozen of spells in his first turn including Day’s Undoing into Grafdigger’s Cage, which he tries to misstep. I have Demonic Tutor to find a blue card and Im able to cast FoW. Few turns later I draw another Day’s Undoing which gets me Tinker, which gets me Belcher, which kills my opponent.
G3: I get to play Grafdigger’s Cage at my opponents t1 (Leyline + Lotus Petal). I hardcast SSG and start beatdown. My opponent has Bazaar + Mana Confluence. Turn 8 my opponent is at one life and I have two Spirit Guides at the battlefield. He finally finds an answer to my Cage but my last card in hand is Timetwister which I cast with his evoked Ingot Chewer in stack. My twister finds another Cage and he concedes.

R4: Amor - I dont know the name of this deck!
g1: First of all! I can’t believe I made it into the finals! At the very beginning of the game I make a huge mistake and cast Mox Opal not noticing that I already have one in play. I admit my opponent that Im playing in my first daily and that I am nervous and tired (already past midnight here). Well he responds: ”lol mine too. We’re not doing badly considering”. Mtgo somehow lost the replay of this game but luckily I had a screenshot from the game. My opponent got manascrewed and despite my slow hand I am able to activate belcher for lethal turn6.
g2: Opponent mulls to 5, I mull to 6 and I keep a slow hand with no real action. Turn 6 my opponent casts Voltaic Key and Forces my Mental Misstep. Next turn he is able to hardcast BSC with the help of Mana Vault and Voltaic Key.
g3: I keep a bad hand: Belcher, FoW, SSG, Brainstorm, Leyline, Opal, Emerald. It looks decent if you don’t understand that Mox Opal actually counts for zero mana, which I didn’t realize… I struggle with my hand and at the deciding turn I am one mana off for casting Time Vault and stealing my opponents Voltaic Key with Dack to assemble the combo. My opponent has two keys in the play and stealing one doesn’t make the difference. I don’t get a next turn.

Final Standings:
alt text
This daily didn't get posted on the wotc site.

My take-offs from the first ever daily I participated in:

  1. Blue Belcher is very explosive and able to steal games
  2. Mulligan decisions are hard and I often choose wrong
  3. Mox Opal is a legendary artifact
  4. Vintage is fun, dailies are fun

Thank you for reading! Tips on how to play the deck or tune the decklist are welcome.

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This thread is meant for reports from mtgo daily events. I know a lot of people don't even consider them as tournaments or even as an event with any relevance, but I also know a lot of people disagree with that and at the very least Vintage Daily Events might currently be the most common way for people to play Vintage as it seems like about 15-25 people play these events daily.

I'm gonna kick things off with my own report in the second post and if people submit reports with more than few lines of text I will continue to link the to this OP so that people can use the OP as a searching tool in the future and see how people have had success or failures with any given deck at any given time.

Direct links to reports:
7.5.2016 3-1 with Day's Undoing Belcher by yugular
29.5.2016 3-1 with Day's Undoing Belcher by yugular
5.6.2016 3-1 with Day's Undoing Belcher by yugular
18.6.2016 3-1 with BUG Ratstill by wfain
25.9.2016 3-1 with Day's Undoing Belcher by yugular

Feel free to give me feedback about this idea and please submit reports. At least I would like to read them.

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Vintage Daily Swiss - Event #9739921 - 29.5.2016 21:00 (GMT+3)

I am again playing Day’s Undoing Belcher. It was good to me and I feel like it’s a friendly deck for a beginner so why not give it another go. It seems that White Eldrazi is the new ”deck to beat” and even with my limited deckbuilding skills and understanding of the format I wanted to have at least one card in the sideboard to fight Phyrexian Revoker which can really ruin this deck if played t1/t2. I was scanning decklists to get an idea of a card that would be able to deal with Phyrexian Revoker that would be cheap and easy to cast and possibly have some fringe playability in other matchups. I couldnt really find what I was looking for but somehow remembered that Gut Shot is a free 1dmg spell that I would be able to cast always. Now I couldnt recall if anyone had played the card actually in Vintage but I decided to try it out nevertheless. (turns out 2 decks in 2014 run it according to So I made a small change to my sideboard from last event: -1 Mishra's Workshop +1 Gut Shot

The Decklist:

1 Tolarian Academy

1 Black Lotus
2 Chrome Mox
2 Expedition Map
2 Goblin Charbelcher
1 Lion's Eye Diamond
1 Lotus Petal
1 Mana Crypt
1 Mana Vault
1 Memory Jar
1 Mox Emerald
1 Mox Jet
3 Mox Opal
1 Mox Pearl
1 Mox Ruby
1 Mox Sapphire
1 Sol Ring
1 Time Vault
1 Voltaic Key

4 Day's Undoing
1 Demonic Tutor
4 Gitaxian Probe
1 Ponder
1 Time Walk
1 Timetwister
1 Tinker
1 Wheel of Fortune
1 Windfall

1 Ancestral Recall
1 Brainstorm
4 Force of Will
1 Pact of Negation

4 Leyline of Anticipation

2 Dack Fayden

4 Notion Thief
4 Simian Spirit Guide

3 Defense Grid
4 Grafdigger's Cage
1 Hurkyl's Recall
3 Mental Misstep
2 Mishra's Workshop
1 Tezzeret the Seeker
1 Gut Shot

Round 1: iamfishman - Day's Undoing Belcher with Candelabra (BoM2016 top8 belcher list maybe?)
G1: check my youtube video with commentary:
G2: on draw. Mulligan to 6. He has active leyline and casts mox ruby. I play a t1 windfall off from Chrome Mox and Mana Cypt he is at 5 cards while i'm at 2. I had the opportunity to play Day's Undoing, but I thought Windfall would be more beneficial as I get to continue my turn. Well he is able to go down to 3 cards by deploying Map and LED to the battlefield. I draw Pact, Belcher, Black Lotus. Crack the Lotus to cast belcher and win next turn.

R2: voicesfordaze - White Trash???
G1: on play. Opp mulls to 6. I have active leyline and probe t1. My probe sees Cavern, Chalice, Priest, Flagstones, Mox Emerald, Wasteland. I allow him to draw a card for his t1 and when he tries to cast Chalice for 1 in response I play my Mana Vault. I think he should play chalice for 0 rather but im not sure about it... Turn2 I tinker for belcher saccing Mana Vault and I have enough mana from SSG's to activate belcher which hits for lethal.
G2: on draw. I keep a bad 7-card hand and get punished with Thalia+Kataki.
G3 on play. He plays t2 Kataki against my Leyline, Sol Ring, Map and Mox Opal. Luckily I have Gut Shot in hand! He is able to play Ethersworn Canonist the next turn and I cast Simian Spirit Guide which starts attacking while he refuses to block with Canonist. He also plays Vryn Wingmare the next turn and Stoneforge Mystic after that. I have drawn a belcher though and when he wastelands my Academy I play belcher in response and win next turn.

R3: footemanchu - Dark Petition Storm
G1: on draw. Made a stupid mistake. Kept a hand with LED thinking I can cast Day's Undoing off from it. Well that didn't work out. I had a FoW for his first Dark Petition but he was able to Mind's Desire for 3 and got 2xCabal Therapy + Dark Petition. Pretty sick. Couldn't beat that.
G2: on play. He duresses my belcher but Im still able to go off and win after several draw sevens.
G3: I mulligan down to 5 but he has to wheel on t1. I draw active FoW but he has duress and wins.

R4: BlueSkiesJ - Ravager Shops
G1: on play. Mull to 6. I deploy Time Vault t1 blind and need to Day's Undo on my t2 and he kills me with Ravagers and Trike. FoW from Day's Undoing could have been a difference here, but no luck for me after the lucky 1st match in this daily.
G2: on play. Opponent mulls to 5. t2 I wheel with Notion thief in play putting him to topdeck mode. I play belcher turn 3 and hit him with it three times for the kill. He just didn't find an answer.
G3: A close game. I keep a sketchy hand and almost die to my own Mana Crypt with active Key-Vault. However I manage to find a Hurkyl's Recall inside Jar and next turn DT for belcher and win.

Final Standings:
alt text
this daily didn't get posted on the wotc site.

Another finish in May for the prizes with the deck! My take-offs from the daily:

  1. I am still bad at mulliganing decisions
  2. I am still bad at playing with LED
  3. This deck is powerful and fun
  4. Gut Shot for the win!

Thank you for reading! Tips on how to play the deck or tune the decklist are welcome.

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Vintage Daily Swiss - Event #9762923 - 5.6.2016 21:00 (GMT+3)

Im playing the same list as week ago. Belcher is still fun and I feel like I can go 4-0 or 3-1 with it if all the stars align in correct order and butterly on the other side of the planet makes his first fly around in the garden just when the event fires.

R1: JdPhoenix - 5c Humans
G1: play. Mull to six. Probe his hand: City of Brass, Dark Confidant, Noble Hierarch, Qasali Pridemage, Scab-Clan Berserker. Play mox, mox, mox, LED + Belcher and hit for 2 dmg. He draws his card and concedes.
G2: draw. opponent keeps seven, i mull to 3: Voltaic Key, Mox Ruby, SSG and scry Mana Crypt to top. he plays t2 Scab-Clan Berserker and i die in a couple of turns.
G3: play. keep7: Time Walk, Sol Ring, Gitaxian Probe, Mox Ruby, Tolarian Academy, Dack Fayden, Expedition Map. Opponent mulls to 6. I draw timetwister from probe and proceed to go off. Turn1 kill!

R2: MossdogTrainee (Randy Buehler) - White Eldrazi
G1: play, mull to 6. Randy keeps his 7. For some reason I play nervously and for example play a probe to his chalice for 1. He has a good hand and I lose.
G2: play. keep7 with only one mana source, should have mulliganed. Again made mistakes and for example miss a critical fow on revoker t1 that shuts off my Mox Ruby.
**1-1 **

R3: Kinny - Sylvan Mentor
G1: draw. Turn1 kill! See it on my youtube channel:
G2: he had 3 fows -> i lose. I thought after game one that he is some kind of Eldrazi or workshop deck and my sideboarding was also way off.
G3: I’m on play and manage to win thanks to some sweet topdecks! See the win in youtube:

R4: JuggernautGO - DPS
G1: on play, mull to 6 and my opponent keeps 7. t1 Mox Pearl, Black Lotus, Mana Crypt + Day's Undoing. I get to deploy mana and ruin his opening hand, seems good so far! He plays probe + library of alexandria and passes the turn. Ii play more manastones and undo again t2 with FoW backup. t3 i probe him and see that he plays DPS and proceed to go off with belcher kill.
G2. draw. both keep7. He starts by Thoughtseizing my Memory Jar. I deploy some mana including Black Lotus and cast Timetwister with BL up. I pass the turn and he starts by putting Gitaxian Probe into stack, I respond with Notion Thief and draw a Sol Ring. He plays Cabal Therapy but I have two Mental Missteps in my hand and when I counter CT he concedes.

Final Standings:
alt text
This DE got posted on wotc site:

What a result again! I am happy! My first round opponent played another daily the same day with the same deck and managed to go 3-1 and his decklist go published at : Round 2 I really played poorly, maybe I was too scared of my Hall of Famer opponent? And while I played poorly I cant take anything off from Randy. I watched the replays and he played really well, I propably would have lost even if I played to my best skill.

So far I have played 4 dailies with the deck and managed to go 3x 3-1 and once 1-2-drop. That's surprisingly good for such a glass cannon.

**Thank you for reading! **

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So today I finally did it. Teached two of my oldest kids (aged 7 and 5) to play MtG. Now I finally get the new world order 😄 Siege Mastodon, Runeclaw Bear and Fortress Crab for the win!

English isn't our native language and my kids haven't learned it yet, which is another obstacle. But I gotta say that kids are quick learners. The older kid is already seeing simple combat math and somewhat understands power and toughness in creatures.

Have any other tried to play with your kids? It's a very different experience than a Vintage DE at mtgo 😄

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For us Europeans the times are really awful. Dailies during weekdays are scheduled for my timezone at 3AM and 4AM. At least during weekend I could theoretically play, summer is just hard...

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Thanks for all the support! We will come up with some kind of basic structure to try out this league for the "1st season". We will keep people outside fb posted and will gladly include anyone who wishes to participate 🙂

Matti / yugular