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@thewhitedragon69 said in 4Seasons Winter 2019 Vintage Coverage and Results:

This top 8 is very unhealthy.

Should be 8 PO decks.

Please, that makes me sick!

False Prophet in the Weldrazi sideboard is cool, though I don't expect it to have worked very well.

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@stormanimagus Yes. Sorry to say, now xerox can and will run 4 Plows and 4 Paths mainboard.

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@nba84 said in November 18, 2019 Banned and Restricted Announcement:

Paradoxical Outcome gets a huge boost back

gross. please restrict Paradoxical Outcome.

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I want them to print better solutions to recently printed planeswalkers instead of restricting and banning (in other formats) planeswalker after planeswalker each time a new one is released. I would prefer to have the option to use these planeswalkers as core ideas of decks and risk getting punished for doing so, than to not have the option at all.

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@wakkz Sorcerous Spyglass, Strip Mine. Elks, maybe.

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@p3temangus We don't know whether the popularity of Pioneer will last. They also could add cards for Pioneer to Arena some day. I don't think this would be impossible if Hasbro determines it would be profitable enough to do so.

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"The one and only" could be referring to many things, or it could be a pointless phrase thrown in to catch attention. It could also mean that "the one and only" card that matters in Arena is the one pictured in the left hand side.