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The best advice I can offer is play wastelands and Hurkyls. Hurkyl's just wins games with ease. Dak is also nuts.

Blue decks have gotten so greedy they have stopped playing wastelands which hurts. Them a ton in my opinion. U/R fish was able to slaughter shops back when we ran 4x Chalice, 4x Trinisphere, 3x Crucible in every list.

Blowing up a workshop can devastate a workshop player. It has gotten to the point where I don't even maindeck crucible because I have no fear of my stuff even being blow up outside the mirror

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@brass-man garbage may have been harsh, but we have had tons of workshop cards come and go as they get replaced by other things. To me Steel Overseer feels like the Smokestack of creatures. It is slow, relies on other cards, and feels like it is only there because Lodestone was restricted and nothing better filed the slot. Options like Slash Panther were never cards we wanted to play, had nothing better, and were phased out asap

Time will tell if I am completely missing the point of it, but to me I can't see wanting to play it over Traxos or Tangle Wire. Theoretically I could cut 2x Wurmcoil and 1x Jitte for 3x Overseer. I will test it for fun to see if I am wrong, but Wurmcoil and Jitte have won me so many games it is hard to let them go

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@nedleeds said in Traxos is absolutely insane:

I'm playing him with Null Rod. Thats his real edge. He works under it and clocks super fast.

That is absolutely viable and monstrous. I love Null Rod builds, and with Foundry Inspector and Traxos it is better than it has ever been

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@babau said in Traxos is absolutely insane:

other possibility is
2 wurm
1 jitte
1 traxos
3-4 metamorph : give you to much good play
4-5 steel and/or chief
1-2 mishra
the deck has many more answers.

Metamorph is good but not overly great here, and if you cut Wurmcoil then all you are copying at best most games is Foundry Inspector or Tangle Wire. You can't copy Ballista or Traxos, and wouldn't want to copy a Ravager.

And steel Overseer is cute in legacy, but in Vintage he is garbage. He is way too slow and does nothing on his own. Foundry Chief is even worse. If you have 3 creatures he is still doing nothing relevant. Definitely not for Vintage

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@babau I have been playing workshop aggro since 2003 (back when 4x Juggernaut and 4x Su-Chi were staples). My list has literally been constantly evolving since then, amd changes every time a good card is released. Shops are my baby, and all I play haha

As far as options, I test everything. I own every playable artifact and when my deck stops performing as well as I would like I change it up, no limits on anything I test

Right now this is my favourite version of workshops I have ever played by far. I wish we had more lock pieces but everything is restricted outside of Tangle Wire and Sphere which I play 4 of

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@babau I have been running 16 lands in Ravager based shop aggro for over a decade and it has been great, and that was before we got Foundry Inspector.

He took it from uncomfortable but good to barely an issue.

I didn't change a thing to accommodate for Traxos, I have been playing this exact list except had 2 Hangarback 2 skullclamp. The day I saw the Traxos preview I cut those and proxied in 3 then 4 Traxos

Having 44 artifacts makes him so good...

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@babau I started testing at 3 and immediately moved to 4. You want it every game, and having one extra in hand as backup for artifact destruction is great given how much main deck artifact hate there is now.

In extreme cases you can even cast the second one to untap the original to swing again. You don't want to do it often, but if you have a Traxos with a bunch of counters from a Ravager or you are swinging for game it is great

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@blindtherapy Do you not know he comes into play tapped? Turn 1 Traxos and Chalice 0 to untap him is a monster of a turn 1 play...

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@Smmenen we have known each other from the original TMD since I joined in 2003/4, and you know how I feel when you want my Workshop cards restricted, especially when most shop decks don't run Crucible main and Blue decks got arrogant aND stopped running Strip/Waste

All jokee aside, in this case, I would agree 100% that Ravager is absolutely worthy of being Restricted. Especially with Traxos just having come out, being able to ramp up counters and toss them on a massive trampler seems insane

After that however, I don't want anything touched. I hate brainstorm more than anyone, but I'd rather see it unrestricted than have vintage neutered to the point a card like Phyrexian Revoker can ever be considered restriction worthy. If our only answer to Dack and other walkers is Spyglass it will be miserable

Everything aside it was extremely well written as always, and I am glad you are still active in promoting vintage

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@wfain Wurmcoil is an entirely different beast at 6 mana, and I never play less than 2. Traxos is more like Lodestone 2 to 5. Precursor was great, but a single bolt kills it plus the copies. Traxos also has trample.

@ribby it doesn't matter when you cast it, it is a beast. If you have turn 1 Lodestone you play that, if not play a Sphere turn 1 and Traxos turn 2.

There are many other situations where you won't have those cards and slamming turn 1 Traxos then mox or Chalice to untap it is fantastic

For reference, here is what I am running

Blitzkrieg v7.7

4x Walking Ballista
4x Arcbound Ravager
4x Phyrexian Revoker
4x Foundry Inspector
4x Traxos, Scourge of Kroog
1x Lodestone Golem
2x Wurmcoil Engine

1x Chalice of the Void
4x Sphere of Resistance
1x Thorn of Amethyst
1x Umezawa's Jitte
1x Trinisphere
4x Tangle Wire

7x SoLoMoxen
1x Mana Crypt
1x Mana Vault

4x Mishra's Workshop
4x Ancient Tomb
4x Wasteland
2x Mishra's Factory
1x Tolarian Academy
1x Strip Mine

This is my favourite shop list to date, and I've played shops since before the 4x Trinisphere days