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I'm going to need to make a new deck to play that Library after I win tomorrow 🙂

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@craw_advantage I played a similar deck in the Romancing the Stones 4 and 5 I think (may be fuzzy on which events I ran it). Biggest issue was counters and on color mana. Your opponent counters your draw 7, or if they don't, they get a counter in their new cards. 4 Channel would make that deck utterly nuts and you could liberally bait counters out on spells that didn't actually matter because you have 19 mana to work with.

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@prospero Thanks! My dad and I bought it together earlier this year, 1970 454 numbers matching and we're working to restore it slowly.

What did you have to pay for the Empyrial Armor art if you don't mind sharing?

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@aelien It's not as good against Survival as you want it to be. With open mana and or an untapped Bazaar, you can drop a double Basking Rootwalla and cast at instant speed to trigger any Vengevines in the yard to return to play and effectively countering your Surgical. Even without being able to get VV out of the yard, most lists run a Spell Queller to alleviate problems like Surgical. It's not that it's bad, it's just not as good as you want it to be. Hell, I normally board in Grafdigger's Cage and Containment Priest and just play around them.

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@prospero On another note, super jealous of the original Empyrial Armor art you've got. One of my all-time favorite cards

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@cafecafe How'd you end up doing Saturday? I saw you were 3-0 at one point before I lost my first match on some tough mulls. Is that what you were playing against me in league last night?

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You can't have 8 Ponder/Preordain effects in a healthy format IMO. It's one or the other, and Ponder is considered better as it can dig a card deeper, so that's the route WOTC took.

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If anyone's got POS, Moon Stompy, Turbo Xerox, Snapcaster Control, or White Eldrazi built on MTGO and is interested in helping a brother out I'd love to jam some games tonight and tomorrow night to prep for the tourney I'm playing. Here's the other decklists:

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Had to submit the list a few days ago but just revealed yesterday. I agree now that DRS is simply an all-star in survival. If I could take back my submission I'd swap to DRS over NH and add in a Bayou over the Savannah. But this is similar to my 6-0-1 list from a few weeks ago and I was comfortable with it. Just a few silver bullet changes with Gilded Drake and Phantasmal Image.

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This is what I'm running this weekend at RTS Championships

0_1543459384113_70d28728-3804-424e-a957-d0105bc1cec0-image.png ![alt text](image url)

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Can't wait to play Saturday!!! Tomorrow we get to see if my deck choice was all wrong...

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Scooze is spicy as heck. I'm tempted to try him out in the board.

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So is the consensus that UBG > UGW in a vacuum right now? Would like to see the UBG list of choice if so.

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This morning's thought, Bant survival can't beat Temur survival...that's all...DRS just hoses everything and is its own win con.

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@kaluma biggest issue is running Bant I don't have access to black. I can slot in warden main but its a singleton. I realize that going for survival is an alternative, but nut bazaar hands should normally be kept in a vacuum. Image is kinda spicy, it lets bazaar work as intended. Each replacement effect triggers, starting with your opponent's then yours, letting you draw your cards as per normal. I like the Image even more so because it can copy VV and swing when you play it with haste. Most decks running Thief aren't running targeted removal except for JTMS. I'd still lean towards PI over metamorph because of fragmentize being the removal of choice post-board. If you had to pick something else I'd probably pick Stunt Double because of flash plays.

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I need a maindeck answer to notion's literally lost me 5 matches on mtgo out of 2 leagues so far...I've tried replacing mandrills with reflector mage but honestly it's not working...

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One morning shower thought, I always cut mandrills first, never cared to play it even though I can understand why it's there as another 1 cost creature to trigger VV. I think I would have preferred either manglehorn #2, trigon predator, or magus of the tabernacle, the last being my personal preference. I think that would have won me multiple games on its own vs dredge, pyromancer, and shops.

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Just went 6-0-1 to take down an event with Bant Survival (David Lance's list: ).

Round 1 vs Shops
Game one I played first and won quickly against their only mana source as an Ancient Tomb...makes the beats hurt that much more.
Game two I got off to a slow start after they killed off a few dudes, ended up losing on a missed Squee trigger that would have been lethal with a few VV in the gy.
Game three I didn't make that same mistake and landed a T1 SS into T2 flux to win with some beats.
1-0 (2-1)

Round 2 vs Dredge
Game one was not much of a game as I didn't have any acceleration and they had their entire library in their gy by T2...a big mob of zombies didn't want to play nicely...
Game two I was on the play and landed survival and double mox on T1 to go off on T2 before they could durdle out a win.
Game three my opponent played first and landed double hollow one and a bridge. I responded with land, mox, lotus, survival, rootwalla, double VV, and my own hollow one. T2 wonder swing for the win.
2-0 (4-2)

Round 3 vs Izzet Pyromancer
Game one was over before I really figured out what my opponent was even playing. Double VV slapped him twice before he scooped.
Game two I lost after getting a heirarch bolted, and another one misstepped, before having a survival forced. He had more 1/1 dudes than I could count...
Game three I managed to play double mox and lotus to power out 2 VV, rootwalla, and hollow one and swing for lethal on T3 before he could establish himself.
3-0 (6-3)

Round 4 vs Paradoxical Storm
Game one I'm on the play and my opponent had an awful time playing around T1 Thalia and whiffed hardcore on his first PO for the loss.
Game two my opponent mulled to 5 and opened with mox, lotus, mox, merchant scroll, recall, time walk...I didn't get anything relevant in play on either turn before I was dead on T3.
Game three I dropped T1 stony and T2 Thalia and won with beats dropping a Chalice on 0 for good measure.
4-0 (8-4)

Round 5 vs TPS
ID to top 4
4-0-1 (8-4)

Top 4

Semis vs Paradoxical Storm (same player)
Game one I'm on the play and drop a quick stony and Thalia and start beating with a rootwalla for 5 a turn and topdecking multiple lands. I got beat out by a chain and snapcaster before double PO.
Game two I'm on the play and play Chalice on 0 on T1 on top of a Thalia. Wasn't much of a game after that.
Game three my opponent tries to go off through Thalia and Energy flux after we both did nothing for a few turns (no dudes, just hate for me). Finally landed a threat and just slowly beatdown before he tried to twister in desperation giving me a VV for the win, close one as I was at 2 life from an earlier tendrils and he drew it with twister for lethal if I hadn't gotten my extra VV.
5-0-1 (10-5)

Finals vs TPS (same player)
We hadn't played earlier but I knew what he was on so I was aggressive in play around that.
Game one I kept opening hand of double bazaar, double fetch, double survival, and Thalia. Opened with Bazaar and drew ESG and mox pearl letting me play Thalia. Few turns later beating with Thalia and my opponent had to go off staring down a lethal 2/1. He managed to get to 18 storm but the tax kept him from finishing me off.
Game two I kept an opener with stony, thalia, survival, noble, and some lands. Played out T1 noble and then T2 Thalia but he sideboarded into Tinker and dropped a Sphinx of the Steel Wind...quick scoop there with no answers for me in the deck.
Game three I sided in warded and powered my way to be up 16 to 4 life before he tinkered out Sphinx. I stalled a turn dumping all my VV into my yard and then waiting until end of his turn to dump the last for the warded. Played warden off ESG which he didn't expect and dropped a Rootwalla for lethal with 3 VV coming out.
6-0-1 (12-6)

I have to say, this deck is hard as shit to pilot. I was constantly trying to figure out when to go for broke and when to play safe and Thalia, but all in all it's pretty darn resilient to all the hate that was boarded in against me. I thought the sb was perfectly balanced for what I wanted, but I'm sure I made errors boarding cards out. Would love some people's opinions on sb strats.

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@feldon808 No. I've only got Legacy Elves and Aluren built on MTGO right now, buying a house in a few weeks so money's a bit too tight to sink the $200 in TIX to build this out. This might be a hair too slow as it sits right now it's a turn 4-5 deck to combo off, but playing control elements earlier may smooth that out. This is a list in a vacuum too, I haven't played this build anywhere but solitaire so far. But having played the Legacy deck for years it feels correct solitairing.

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I think this might even be better than going with WUG...It's basically my legacy build tuned for artifact destruction. I think Tornado is the spiciest thing since sliced bread. With Solemnity it's Vindicate on a stick...every turn...for free...that's hawt...but it does cost 5...

Enchantment (29)
3x Elephant Grass
4x Enchantress's Presence
1x Fastbond
1x Phyrexian Unlife
2x Rest in Peace
1x Seal of Cleansing
3x Seal of Primordium
2x Solemnity
2x Solitary Confinement
3x Sterling Grove
1x Tornado
3x Utopia Sprawl
3x Wild Growth

Land (16)
1x Dryad Arbor
3x Forest
2x Misty Rainforest
2x Plains
3x Savannah
2x Serra's Sanctum
3x Windswept Heath

Creature (6)
4x Argothian Enchantress
1x Eidolon of Blossoms
1x Emrakul, the Aeons Torn

Sorcery (4)
4x Green Sun's Zenith

Artifact (5)
1x Black Lotus
2x Helm of Obedience
1x Mox Emerald
1x Mox Pearl

Sideboard (15)
2x Land Tax
3x Leyline of Sanctity
3x Mental Misstep
2x Mindbreak Trap
2x Replenish
3x Root Maze