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I play mostly legacy:

Cube is my favorite format. I like playing non-meta decks and improvising on interesting interactions and combos. I'm not the greatest at polishing my deck designs but I think I'm pretty crafty in the general outline.

Right now I'm playing vintage Survival, Belcher, Lands, and TCM.

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I'm going to need to make a new deck to play that Library after I win tomorrow 🙂

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@craw_advantage I played a similar deck in the Romancing the Stones 4 and 5 I think (may be fuzzy on which events I ran it). Biggest issue was counters and on color mana. Your opponent counters your draw 7, or if they don't, they get a counter in their new cards. 4 Channel would make that deck utterly nuts and you could liberally bait counters out on spells that didn't actually matter because you have 19 mana to work with.

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@prospero Thanks! My dad and I bought it together earlier this year, 1970 454 numbers matching and we're working to restore it slowly.

What did you have to pay for the Empyrial Armor art if you don't mind sharing?

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@aelien It's not as good against Survival as you want it to be. With open mana and or an untapped Bazaar, you can drop a double Basking Rootwalla and cast at instant speed to trigger any Vengevines in the yard to return to play and effectively countering your Surgical. Even without being able to get VV out of the yard, most lists run a Spell Queller to alleviate problems like Surgical. It's not that it's bad, it's just not as good as you want it to be. Hell, I normally board in Grafdigger's Cage and Containment Priest and just play around them.

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@prospero On another note, super jealous of the original Empyrial Armor art you've got. One of my all-time favorite cards

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@cafecafe How'd you end up doing Saturday? I saw you were 3-0 at one point before I lost my first match on some tough mulls. Is that what you were playing against me in league last night?

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You can't have 8 Ponder/Preordain effects in a healthy format IMO. It's one or the other, and Ponder is considered better as it can dig a card deeper, so that's the route WOTC took.

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If anyone's got POS, Moon Stompy, Turbo Xerox, Snapcaster Control, or White Eldrazi built on MTGO and is interested in helping a brother out I'd love to jam some games tonight and tomorrow night to prep for the tourney I'm playing. Here's the other decklists:

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Had to submit the list a few days ago but just revealed yesterday. I agree now that DRS is simply an all-star in survival. If I could take back my submission I'd swap to DRS over NH and add in a Bayou over the Savannah. But this is similar to my 6-0-1 list from a few weeks ago and I was comfortable with it. Just a few silver bullet changes with Gilded Drake and Phantasmal Image.

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This is what I'm running this weekend at RTS Championships

0_1543459384113_70d28728-3804-424e-a957-d0105bc1cec0-image.png ![alt text](image url)