Yes. The deck is actually quite good, Im not going to go into game details because it takes far too much writing and effort to do, but it has good matchups vs almost anything, bug matchup can be very interesting but is among the less great ones. Oath can be a bit tough too, but its do-able. It's all dependant on your meta.

Stax matchup is good.

I'm gonna switch back to the previous version to the +1 tundra +1 balance - 1 volcanic island - 1 punishing fire again.

Even if you have dack stealing occasional pearls, always be able to cast Mentor is strong. You already have intuition for the 1 punishing, and balance is good vs dredge but mostly survival. Now Lavinia is coming in so Lotus petal is maybe less hot, but you can reb lavinia. Also so many planeswalkers + squee in yard for a balance. Balance can also be replayed with a jace, and or not graveyard dependant sweeper.