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@maxtortion said in Math and Max: A statistical analysis of "100 Matches with the Best Deck in Magic":

I'm curious if anyone has been Game 1 Mulliganing against you, thinking you were on Dredge. I know I've done that against you once. I threw away a totally reasonable 7 because it couldn't beat Dredge, and you opened up with Blue spells! Learned my lesson.

@Maxtortion this is a common occurrence, more so in paper but to an extent in MTGO haha.

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@Maxtortion I just wanted to pop on here and say thanks for writing this article. I purchased Ravager Shops on MTGO about 10 minutes after reading your article and basically have my investment back at this time.

"As a Spike, sustaining a win rate over 80% was invigorating."

I currently have a 80% win rate albeit in 4 leagues thus far but you are right that it definitely feels good (3-2, 4-1,5-0, 4-1).

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Great read Matt. I purchased Ravager Shops on MTGO about 10 minutes after reading Max's article. I figured I played enough Vintage that I would be able to figure it out. Additionally, I currently play a ton of Standard and Modern, which I think @Will is spot on with the statement that combat math favors more of a multi-format grinder than a vintage only player. After a rough start with some misclicks and going 3-2 my first league with the deck I have gone 4-1, 5-0, and 4-1. My only losses being a shops deck with MD Precursor Golem, Wurmcoil, and Null Rod (aka pre-boarded vs me essentially) and a PO deck with an above average draw.

I have a couple observations of my own. After experiencing such dominance so quickly after picking up this deck for the first time I am inclined to believe people don't really know how to play against it or with it. I won mirrors as alluded to just by doing combat math and determining racing scenarios that I feel my opponents missed. Additionally, I had MULTIPLE OPPONENTS keep cards like Mental Misstep and Gush in against me, on the draw no less. I don't know how Blue decks expect to win when keeping in such detrimental cards vs Shops. Should something change for Shops? I am not here to propose that at this time. Should better precautions be taken by players for the match up (such as testing and SB measures)? I would probably guess there is a flaw in how players handle preparation for this match up whether its SB tactics or play lines. I think some of this comes from playing on MTGO where you will have newer players to the format try their hand at Vintage and not fully understand the match ups. I also think that sometimes older vintage players get stuck in their ways of thinking and using SB cards that aren't necessarily as effective as they used to be against previous iterations of Shops. Just my two cents after my brief twenty games with the deck on MTGO.

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#NeverForget #TheNorthRemembers #TeamDredge #MikeNobleBarn

I just hope I get to call Dredge winning......again.

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@kenan played him in the semis, can confirm he had lands as well. Maybe I wasted them all out of his deck during our match 😉

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Hi all! Mark H. here, back out of retirement, figured it was a good time to fire up my TMD account again, luckily Womba was still available.

Long live our Zombie and Eldrazi Overlords!!!