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Demars always hates dredge. To him it shouldn't be a viable archetype. Take any of his vintage musings with a huge grain of salt.

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This thread is what makes this format great.

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As the one that requests the Twilight Guardians version of La Isla Bonita in Matt's stream, I can't help but grin at reading this.

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Good analysis. Your draw seven deck has been one of my big "I wonder what the london mulligan rule will look like" questions as opposed to the kneejerk "we need to restrict workshop and bazaar"silliness. Narset and Karn are also big questions.

I think its going to take awhile for the format to balance itself out after MH.

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And the london mulligan is officially coming. We live in interesting times.

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This spring is one of the most interesting times in Magic's long hstory.

We have War of the Spark, with so many planeswalker (including a slightly different design approach) cards that ask a lot of questions.

We have the London mulligan rule, which if adopted will alter the way the game is played and shift how we evaluate certain cards.

We have the upcoming Modern Horizons set, which has the potiential to print new cards that carry effects that will easily find a home in Vintage.

It is a fascinating time to be a magic player.

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Thanks @evouga !

That helps put some of this in perspective..

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Finished the episode. This was good civilization.

Really, my only hope is that if the mulligan is adopted that they let the format practice, play, and adjust for a bit before using the b/r list to tweak.

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Half way into this episode.

Incredibly well reasoned thus far. This is one of the best episodes in my opinion.

As a necromancer, this mulligan proposal has me a little worried. But it is also possible that dredge dies not gain so much that it becomes problematic.

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While dredge is the poster child for "what does this do to opening hands" I think the ability to mulligan aggressively for silver bullets is likewise a little brain melty.

Leylines, major hate pieces, power, force of will...the game would change radically if you could actively go fishing for them and potentially still come away with a keepable hand.

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I will chime in and say that I've not played enough lately to fully know what I think of it, but its been fun.

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I...really like the cavern/wispmare/chewer plan.

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All opinions contained in this post are simply that: opinions. They are mostly based on anecdotes and qualitative, not quantitative data.

I think there will always be a bit of a difference between the paper and digital vintage format. The aforementioned loops issues keep certain powerful deck types more or less out of MTGO (I have a fondness for bomberman, but not enough of one for the carpal tunnel). There is the cost issue- it is easier for me to shift cards around in my deck and try new things in a league or a challenge on mtgo when the cost to try new things is low. MTGO also lets me try things I'd be less inclined to put together for one of my local vintage leagues like Saheeli Oath or some horrifying Brian Kelly concoction.

I also tend to play different decks in paper than I do online. I tend more towards workshops and weird xerox decks online (or fun things like Aperture Science) while in paper I've decided to stop being an artificer and have gone back to my first love of necromancy.

Vintage is a digital format. I don't think that vintage is only a digital format. I don't think the paper and online metagames are identical, but neither are they all that far afield from one another.

And stuff.

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Smemenen ran a version of dredge with three of these main board to a 5-0 league finish. No idea if the card mattered or not, but at least its some sort of testing, and maybe he'll chime in with his experience.

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@aeonsovarius I'm over in Spokane. I used to run a vintage league out here, but school and work began to destroy my free time.

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What's the schedule like on the events over there. After the weather clears I'd be game for the road trip for Vintage.

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@wagner it can't attack it's owner.

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@babau said in Historical Vintage Exhibition:

the idea is also beautiful but if you do not play the deck in the right way and not reasons the game play choices is not different to just publish the lists. IMHO

Beyond this sentence barely making sense, I disagree.

Watching the decks interact can give an idea of the intent behind card choices and interaction.

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Awesome idea, and really looking forward to the videos when things quiet down this weekend.

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Triple sleeved in a deck box.

Perfect fit, normal sleeve of choice, then

those things.

Makes the deck a little tall, but then the only ones you have to worry with replacing are the outer sleeves, which are cheaper than most "good" standard size sleeves.

And it also makes the cards feel pretty rigid, but not toploader rigid, which I personally like.