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@garbageaggro said in [IKO] Cat Bird:

dinosaur cat? No respect.

can't fly without a catapult, clearly inferior.

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@serracollector said in [IKO] Drannith Magistrate:

Soooo.....this is a lock with Uba Mask?

Yes, and that might actually be something that isn't too hard to set up. Good catch.

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This plays well with some already proven lands, like mishra's workshop, tolarian academy, mishra's factory, karakas, and maze of ith.

It also plays well with cards like volrath's stronghold, bazaar of baghdad, Library of alexandria, gaea's cradle, and the longest shot I could find that might be useful was vault of the archangel.

Other than mana ramp, or doubling down on golos utility I'm not sure it finds a home in shops. I also don't see any other archetype wanting it for utility since it is rather slow and clunky without a tutor engine like golos.

Still a neat card, and something to keep in the back pocket for when wizards slips up and make a truly abusable land to combo with it.

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Good article as always. I really like the look of the Breach Painter decks. Goblin Engineer and Emry are both really good cards, nice to see them getting vintage play.

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I always enjoy these little update on the format articles, thanks for putting them out.

I played a paper event in NC 2 weeks ago with notmi's Sun Titan oath deck. Even with a bunch of bad sideboarding decisions on my part I still took second, beating combo, dredge twice, and finally losing in 3 to paradoxical oath. My takeaway was that breach was fantastic, and prdoxical outcome is still on the border of too powerful for the format 🙂

Since then I have been brewing a paradoxical list that runs breach as yawg will 2 and 3, as well as running brain freeze/demonic consultation and thassa's oracle for an easy self mill win that doesn't care about things like veil of summer, and the alt win cons with vault/key etc that naturally slot into a paradoxical deck shore up any reliance on the grave that breach has. Its been fun to goldfish, just wish I had the cards on modo.

I wouldn't be surprised to see a UR delver with breach just as a way to cast an extra 3 lightning bolt/time walk/ancestral. It is a great way to add reach in the late game, and can act as a dreadhorde arcanist early.

I definitely think oracle and breach both have staying power in vintage, and I look forward to the future decks involving them.

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@jaco said in North America Vintage Champs 2019 Coverage, Decklists, and Results:

updated the page for a section for the actual Top 8 lists, typed out on the web page. Will add a separate post for Top 8 Unpowered decks sometime later this week/weekend. Legacy Champs, Modern Champs, and Old School coverage on the way as well.

Awesome! Really looking forward to the Old School coverage. Love the format, just priced out of what I want to play.

Thanks again for all the hard work. It goes a long way to getting people to think about the format.

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Top 8 list locations from the pdf in alphabetical order:

Brennen, Joe - p.24
Coval, Brian - p.57
Eberhart, Ryan - p.77
Franks, Justin - p.96
Hockey, Brian - p.134
Kieth, Jody - p.148
Pinter, Jeremy - p.219
Schatteman, Boston - p.241

Huge thanks to Jaco and team for getting these put up like this. Already saw a lot of neat and interesting decks rolling through this, and I liked the artwork on brassman's sheet

EDIT: 1st place unpowered list (Humfleet, Patrick) is on p.137

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I played the following at our local tournament in NC last week:

i went 3-2, getting 5th place. I lost to dredge (could have been won) and DPS which didn't seem winnable. I beat 2 white eldrazi decks and a non-welder shops list.

Random Thoughts:

Engineer as an entomb was great, and looping tangle wires was really strong. However, Sundering Titan can't really be played along side the engineers, you need the red mana to continue to get value out of him but the titan kills your mountain. plus titan just isn't as good as he used to be.

Expedition map was ok, but it was also terrible when all I had was shop or a mountain. It also doesn't play well with null rods. I would like to try out Golos if I were to play the deck again.

Every time I have slaver, I was short on mana to activate it.

There were a few time where, if I had a smokestack in the deck the game would have closed out a lot sooner, with less chances for my opponent to come back.

Uba Mask was a dud every time I drew it, and scouting the field it seemed like every deck it would be decent against ran multiple ways main and side to deal with it.

Hollow Ones were ok. They put in work, but I'm not 100% on them.

I really missed spheres, the land destruction plan just wasn't enough with things like force of vigor floating around.

Ankh of Mishra was a blank, I just didn't know what to put in there. Something like revokers or spyglass would have been better.

Witchbane orb did nothing vs DPS, I had it t1 in game 2 and they just chain of vapored it away and went off anyway.

There is an awful lot of value to be gained from welder tricks. Whether or not it is worth the 6-7 slots and the significantly worse mana base to support them is up in the air.

Something like the recent 5-0 "uba stax" decks seem just a bit better;

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Is there a link to the rules regarding adventure? I'm assuming it isn't an entire crop of creatures like misthollow griffon and eternal scourge and there is some kind of rider on the adventure ability that only allows it to be cast from exile when exiled with the mechanic.

If that is the case then I still prefer ingot chewer, which can also serve to remove bridge from below. But with thorn restricted there may be instances where you can use the differences between the two. I doubt a burning wish deck cares about the body, but maybe...

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@vaughnbros said in Fastbond Brainstorming:

Issue is that outside of Waste and Ouphe it really doesn’t have much interaction. Storm decks probably crush it.

Outside of adding 4-6 sphere effects I'm not sure that is solvable, and even then they are planning to win through that against shops. GW gives Teeg, but how likely is it that they can storm out without bounce/kill?

You could try BG with discard, and maybe a backup hogaak plan.