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Copter didn't live because it dodged people's sorcery speed removal. It's almost like they designed vehicles to do that.... (and players didn't want to or didn't adjust to running instant speed removal)

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@p3temangus I wasn't able to watch after round 7, but coverage this morning said Reid lost his round 9 win and in. So hopefully we'll get a further breakdown of the meta at some point

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I thought the casters did a great job, and the rotating teams kept everyone fresh.

Interesting to note that despite the apparent large showing of paradoxical outcome, there were 0 copies in top8.

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@structuremole I agree. I was also fortunate to play 4 Shops decks in the swiss, and was be able to keep my gush opponents off their threats long enough to line up their threats with my answers. I also didn't see any paradoxical outcome around, which isn't to say it wasn't there, but I still haven't had the opportunity to play against it (as far as I know. I got t1'd by oath in game 1 round 1 followed by vault key in game 2), and therefore am unfamiliar with how to formulate a plan against it.

How was 6cmc Chandra for you, as well as how was the battleball? Would putting some counters/disruptive elements back in (maybe fluster?) have helped the combo matchup and given you more time to set up/lock the game down?

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@structuremole How did the shops matchups play out? As well, what was your board? I agree, Trinisphere is probably not where this deck wants to be right now. Why play a blue control deck if you're going to just wind up playing a worse version of Shops. I also noticed very little in the way of an active draw and/or counter package and am curious as to the thinking behind it.

@Senor_Bisquick Scab Clan was fantastic, even against shops four times in the swiss. As well, the sudden shocks do double duty in preventing those pesky ravagers from growing out of control.

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@ChubbyRain @Cambriel @MaximumCDawg The thing to keep in mind with all of this analysis is that its based upon unsustainable hype.

Hype #1 is a 4 cmc, 4 ability walker that looks amazing in a vacuum, and people largely looking at best case scenarios, etc.

Hype #2 is the kneejerk reaction of the larger mtg population treating 1 large tournament as metagame defining for the entirety of a standard lifetime, rather than as a snapshot of what a few people/teams identify as the strategies they wish to employ. Even then, Chandra was in one of the top 8 decks.

I am more interested to see how she develops in older formats. My next foray I suspect will be trying her in legacy painter, where she seems to provide another interesting avenue of attack.

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@Cambriel With that logic, doesn't it make more sense to evaluate walkers from a primarily eternal/nonrotating viewpoint and not focus on the standard impact? In formats where the answers, removal and protections are stronger and more reliable?

To get more back on topic to this card, she feels playable, and was fine in the two games in which she landed at EE. One was vs. shops where she killed a ravager (he had the option to sack his whole board and still lose the ravager and chose not to), followed by a next turn revoker on Chandra rather than Dack or Jace. The other game she landed and my opponent conceded the match. However, I only ran the one Chandra, so I did not see her too often.

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@Senor_Bisquick I agree that this is a deck that was severely hampered by the restriction of Chalice. In older builds of the deck, it was running some number of flusters and mindbreak traps instead of missteps. Chalice helps out here, as does scab clan, for the storm and several other match ups. A card I have been enjoying in this deck is impulse, as it efficiently lets you move through your deck and dodges chalice/misstep.

As far as sudden shock goes, I've found its more for the token generator decks than the the Eldrazi decks.

Speaking of early plays, what about Snapcaster? I had not previously noticed the 4th trinket mage, how has he been? Similarly, I'm curious as to how the nullrod matchup is. Finally, had you considered any other eldrazi (deepfiend? smasher?)

@Soly Scab-Clan is great. Have considered moving up to three.

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@Senor_Bisquick , how have you found having so many 1 drops [ponder/brainstorm/top/vault]? It seems to go against the classic Moon strategy of effectively negating the misstep protection of most blue decks [and necessitating your own missteps] and having more universal answers. I noticed as well the lack of any of the usual removal [dismember/sudden shock being most common)] I'm wondering how that's fared for you, as well as having a moon effect that is removable. Could that be why you're having issues delving?

How reliably are you able to cast 6cmc Chandra? I agree that when she has hit the board, she's been great, but I've also found it's been stranded in my hand far more times than cast.

As far as P. Outcome decks, I noticed a lack of scab-clan beserkers in this deck, which seems like it would be good against that strategy. I have not played the matchup, but the last time I ran moon, scab clans were a 2x in the main, and were great.

I'm interested in seeing how this develops.

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I look forward to testing this in Blue Moon. Too often 6 mana Chandra was just stranded in hand.