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does anyone have contact info for Brady? I'm interested in porting lands (non-powered at first) from Legacy and would love to chat with him.

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I have to say, the best part was finding out that Weissman is a fan of Duel Commander—unsurprisingly he prefers the American ban list, with the "he who spends more mana shall win" slant.

relatedly, the first time a good friend of mine and I sleeved up Old School, he correctly metagamed against my sleeving up the deck with mono-B Sceptre-Howling Mine. it truly is the greatest deck but there's always a metagame.

@Smmenen, your Moon control lists are the most interesting to me. What's your latest take on that technology?

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I'm not accusing you of bias, but I believe the data you present is.

I think you misunderstand the data. You believe I was presenting a sample rather than the whole population of data.

Collection methods may be biased, but in this case the point is moot as its all the available data (unknown knowns and all that). Grouping criteria may be biased, opinions may be biased—raw, complete datasets not so much.

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HI all!

I'm Chad, a Vancouver (BC) eternal player. I played as a teen from about 1995-1998ish without ever getting truly competitive (despite having read The Schools of Magic). It was around 1998 when i realized a) that i'd have to buy power ($300 lotus and $80 Moxen) in order to truly play b) that Exodus was a real disappointment as a set and c) girls are now talking to me and smell good.

Fast forward to 2010 and 2 years of singledom in the depths of graduate school—spotting Magic being played by a student of mine got me riiiiight back in.

I began as a heavy Legacy player, but I've since branched out to American Commander with fellow aging magic hipsters, Duel Commander (and maybe some Canadian Highlander if it ever gets off the ground here), as well as proxy Vintage. Modern disappointed me to no end when i realized hard/reactive control decks 75s are reeeeally difficult to build, the storm deck is too slow, and they hate out combo-control with bannings. (RIP Scapeshift, Twin…)

So, 12-proxy paper Vintage is a scene I'm trying to help develop here. MTGO is out until the day they ship a Mac OS X version. My love is for powered, tutor-heavy blue decks with combo finishes, but I'm forcing myself to build a few off-archetypal shops decks now that LSG is gone.

IF you want a taste of Vintage in the Vancouver, BC area—DM me!!

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i'm the same on the new site as i was on the old site as i am everywhere—and i got my handle from a 9th grade science test answer when i couldn't remember any specific mother-daughter pairs for radioactivity…