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@pnutbutrsangwich said in Paradoxical Outcome - Deckbuilding Primer:

Thank you very much for the detailed reply! As much as you say you can’t get too deep on the nuances, I found your broad descriptions of macro strategy very helpful.

I’m going to be playing my first paper event with the deck in a couple of weeks. I’ll try and take some good notes and report back after.

Oh no. Are you bringing this to an event in about a week? I am too - and I'm similarly new to the deck.

Anyone have any good play video of the deck? I'm still trying to figure out the ideal lines and watching always helps

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Only recently picked up my pieces of power and am curious how the folks here who also play with your pieces - how do you store?

The binders I have (monster) are middling quality for storing higher end cards; do I just use hard cases and store in my small safe?

What do you guys think?

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@chikararyuu I know we chatted on FB. I've got a kid on the way this month so first weekend in August is tricky but if we happen to have family in town that weekend I'm in for back to back. Wholly contingent on family though.

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Ever find something? Looking for something and I'm about 45min east of DC

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Looking to play some Vintage in the MD area; south of Baltimore if possible. Are there any groups? Cool with proxy or non-proxy.

I can also host; but dont know anyone else interested 😞