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I realize I forgot to post Episode Two here... haha. I'm so bad at this! Here's Episode Three. Episode Two can be found in the playlist!

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@log Thanks for the information!

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It's not just Xerox that is playing Narset. Combo decks like PO and Oath are playing the card as well. The reality is that the card is so good that it becomes impossible to ignore. It removes actual counterplay from any matchup that involves the card, and devolves games into subgames around resolving the card first and having to play around it. These games are not fun, and are often devolved to types of non games that make it either impossible for one of the players to do anything and flounder, or neither play does anything as they try to find an answer for the opposing Narset.

@Yugi-Mutou While I would prefer there to be more efficient answers for Planeswalkers as well, the fact remains that some of these really pushed static ability Planeswalkers were just a solid design mistake. They incur immediate value by merely existing (without even activating an ability) because they're all mostly asymmetrical effects. This is really just absolutely poor design.

I do doubt anything actually happens Monday, but I would not be surprised if the results of EW help them to make the change.

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I will echo what @desolutionist says. Renting is gas. I would never get to try all sorts of things in this format without my rental sub.

I will also put forth Cardhoarder as well as another rental service. They do have a bit of a wait list (because the service is so popular) but they have stellar service and I feel they're more flexible to work with than Manatraders is (I've heard plenty of bad PR stuff about Manatraders, tbh).

The only caveat is that CH is a weekly fee but in the long run you are paying only for what you think you need and can pause/change as needed (say you need to pause for a week, you can do this) and also paying for a solid customer support experience as well.

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I'll be having an interview with Patrick Humfleet in my article this week too. 🙂