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Hi, I'm the current author of Vintage 101 on MTGGoldfish!

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Enjoy! I had a lot of fun helping Matthew with this. This is going to be a fun series to keep an eye on longer term since there's going to be inevitably be some great people and commentary in different formats (not just Vintage).

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This was beautiful Nick. Words cannot even come close to how I'm feeling after reading your report. You do so much for this community, and you are loved and respected. I very much hope that if you manage to ever do one of these again (even if it's only in a consulting type fashion) I would hope to be there and shake your hand.

Keep up the good work.

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@smmenen I played a 4-1 league on the list in the Spice Corner of my article last week (Mystic Forgebots), the combo is pretty legitimate and easy to pull off.