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I played against someone that was running it with Faithless looting. It seemed to struggle mightily against GY hate though.

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Cycling cards would be better post board, but Stitchers are much better game 1 since some of those blue sources can be 0 mana: Sapphire, Petal, Lotus, LED and it gives you a creature in play to trigger Amalgam+Therapy.

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Cycle effects are usually nice because they can speed the decklist up and thin your library post board to get you to answers. However, none of that matters if you don’t actually have ways to end the game early or answers in your decklist

The biggest problem with the decklist is that your 4 Ichorid are the way for you to actually get anything started, and you have no DR so you are naturally going to be slower due to those choices.

On answers to hate, you have much fewer than the normal dredge, nothing against resolved Containment Priest and only a single copy of noxious revival for Wasteland.

This all said, I think if you want to build around cycles you should build better around cycles. Cards like Hogaak and Amalgam seem like poorer fits as they are more grindy. A card like CotV actually locks you out of your own cards and is only an answer to 1 hate piece (crypt) under special circumstance (on the play). These seem like easy cuts for better cards.

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Nice. Leyline of Sanctity is one of the best anti-hate cards now that the lists have gone mostly manaless.

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Powder should see more play in other decklists, but it’s also nowhere close in power level to Contract from Below or a number of cards on the restricted list, especially after the new mulligan rule comes into play. It has obvious limitations that have prevented people from playing it outside of Dredge.

Replacing Powders with say 4 more GY-based cards increases Dredge’s threat density as it goes off, which could potentially make up the win % losses from smaller hands in the right build.