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The core of that platform looks like it was built in the 1990s, and its incompatible with Android/iOS. It absolutely needed to be replaced. I'm disappointed that their solution for replacing it is invalidating all of the cards that people have purchased in the past. Its really bad business, and after I reluctantly sell out of MTGO at some point in these next couple months, it might be a while before I commit to any WotC / Hasbro products again. With the amount of money that we all have invested into their game, they should have already set up a rebate system at this point to transfer players and they should be giving us a clearer timeline in terms of when certain formats will be available. This, like many other things with this game, seems mismanaged from the executive level.

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1 Copy of Eye of Ugin probably goes a long way.

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This one was good. Definitely helped with the brewing. Thanks!

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Horn is pretty nice in the Workshop builds. Just not sure its better than other options as it is very combo focused.

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Just being Green is big for manaless now that Troll is restricted.

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The combo and aggro versions really feel rough in the all the testing / leagues that I've tried to run so far. The control version (with Workshop) seem by far the best builds right now, but I think that may just be because its easier to build that variant (you can take so many things from Shops). I think in a similar fashion, the combo/aggro versions, probably need to borrow more powerful interactions from a decks like Survival, BUG, or Storm to give it some powerful things to do when it doesn't manage to resolve its multi-card combos.

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I will literally complain about everything, even things I like, so I don't see why Magic or Vintage would be different.

In fact, I'll probably complain more about things that I like because on other things, I've completely given up.

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This article seems more about net decking than any particular deck. To which there is a truly obscene amount of net decking on MODO. It’s not even just the good decks anymore. So the format then gets littered with these suboptimal trash deck builds that get played because someone recognized the name of the deck builder. There is such an incredible amount of variance and luck in Vintage matches that it doesn’t really matter though. Win a die roll and you are favored with pretty much any pile.

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A 2nd Leyline is literally a duplicitous effect or Bazaar fodder. The only thing a 2nd one dies is guard from single target removal (and FoV hits 2). There are few cards with lower value. This is not one of them.

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4 is the correct number in almost every deck that wants them. This is actually better in multiples than leylines since it’s actual mana cost is only 2.