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Cavern of Souls seems obvious?

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I would choose a deck where you could turn your otherwise disadvantage into an advantage:

  • If you loose moxen and lotus run main board Stony Silence to punish those who do (and that will mess with both Shops and various storm variants too)
  • Without fast mana you potentially loose the ability to play many spells in the same (and early) rounds. Punish other decks that thrive on doing that - I'd go with a Human based deck where you have access hatebears that tick that box. If you mix with Spirits you have access to Thalia, Spirit of the Labyrinth, Eidolon of Rhetoric, Eidolon of the Great Reveal, etc., etc.

Humans are still vulnerable to storm so I typically run Spirit Guides that can help get that bear on the board in your first round. They can double as a stick later in the game.

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I'd consider some Trygons . They can also fly over tokens and other ground based obstacles with their evasion.

It is a bit too rogue but Cephalid Constable is sooooo fun against a non creature based opponent with your Exalted creatures 🙂 Forcefeed them their own permanents

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I am by no means a rules expert, but doesn't the 'instead' make this a Replacement effect? So even if you managed to copy/clone/whatever this spell, then you loosing would be replaced with drawing 7 and setting life to 1, and hence not triggering the rest of the copies?

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I wonder if it s true 🙂 (not mine - copied from 9GAG)

alt text

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I'm into the entire Human/Hatebear thing, and I like the general design and function on the card. Highly relevant for the archetype. But the 1 power is a problem. The clock is simply too slow, and it does matter in my mind.

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Shop hate vs Smokestack, Tangle Wire and all their creatures with counters... Interesting. Some 3CC permanent shot hate cards have seen play.

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It is not uncommon to run two different creature types in a Cavern of Souls deck. I would want to try it in a Human-Cleric build. I think it looks strong enough to justify to test in a build a build like that with 4x Wasteland, 1x Strip Mine and then 2-4x Qhost Quarter, but only testing will tell if it is strong enough of course.

Many of the White Wheenie decks I have been playing you would name Cleric anyway if you had a Leonin Relic-Warder on hand along with various humans that were also Clerics in addition to Humans.

The list of Clerics that have seen regular play is decent, and most are humans (and all white if you want to go White-Green):

  • Containment Priest
  • Leonin Relic-Warder
  • Sanctum Prelate
  • Leonin Arbiter
  • True Beliver
  • Fiend Hunter

And even more see fringe play, also with a lot of humans among them (also White):

  • Preacher
  • Glowrider
  • War Priest of Thune
  • Grand Abolisher
  • Selfless Spirit
  • Mother of Runes,
  • Ethersworn canonist

And some not all White:

  • Sin Collector
  • High Priest of Penance
  • Geist of Saint Traft
  • Harsh Mentor
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@Khahan said:

As a PO player I would much rather see spirit than kambal. Spirit is an annoyance. Kambal is a game loss in almost every iteration of PO deck I've built from a turbo tezz build to mentor to bomberman. I either have an answer in hand or I lose.

+1, I would expect that much! I would also much rather stick a Kambal than a Spirit of the Labyrinth when I play against PO 🙂 (or other blue decks for that matter) I run both in my build, but before PO was released, I found that Spirit of the Labyrinth was declining in power level, and was sometimes even a liability with all the Dack Fayden's running around.

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@BazaarOfBaghdad said:

I picked up Hatebears twice in MTGO dailies in the past two weeks, going 3-1 both times. [...]

Congratz! I was about to ask how it performs against vehicles, but I can see on Mtggoldfish that vehicles came out on top at least in one of the dailies 🙂 How do you find that match-up in general?

I have upped my Spirit Guide count at the expense of Moxen, and now run Stony Silence and Kataki main. I have Mayors in the sideboard as I often lost to Tangle Wire and Smokestack. My build is ~50-50% humans and Spirits. I might follow your example with Revoker instead of the Spirit of the Labyrinth I'm running now (they became decent again with everybody playing Paradoxical Outcome when that came out)

I run 3 Kambal main and haven't looked back since. That card is so strong IMO!