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Wow thanks so much for compiling this info. I'm currently building the top 2 decks from '94 with my oldschool pool, and now I can even go for the whole top 4 - cool stuff 🙂

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Wow, that Spirit deck brings back memories of Spiketail Hatchling 🙂 Really cool to see an unpowered player that far up in a field of broken plays.

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As long as he is only doing it to your deck when you present it (meaning the deck was nicely shuffled to begin with) I don't see the problem here.

Of course it is not a "shuffle", but if cutting is ok, then this should be as well. If there is a requirement to shuffle, this is obviously not ok.

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Cards to restrict:
None right now, the meta is still shifting a lot. I'd love it to settle first.

Cards to unrestrict:
Below are my picks for very likely safe cards, two of those should be unrestricted. Alphabetical order.

  • Channel
  • Flash
  • Imperial Seal
  • Memory Jar
  • Ponder
  • Windfall

Time of the full on only spells and mana decks is pretty much over I think. I don't see a deck with 4 Ponder 4 Preordain and running multiples of Windfall (which was always the card #60 in storm builds recently). Memory Jar's mana cost is also prohibitive, and if it is ever included then as a one-of Tinker target.

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This is the kind of Hatebear I like. Even if the opponent removes this immediately, you still get the drain for 2 in. Also, it doesn't flat out say you cannot play certain cards - just makes your decision harder if it is actually worth it.

Exactly the type of hate I wanna see more of, next time just make it cost 2 ^^

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@Islandswamp Which brings me back to my argument: It wouldn't affect the price of a real A/B Lotus, as reprints in general look horrible 😛

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Was in love with Unglued when they were printed, but since playing 93/94 I really grew fond of Alpha Basics. The colors, borders and artworks have something magical - but I'm not quite sure if they fit applications other than Oldschool and Vintage.
For newer formats, I'd prefer Zendikar Full art or still Unglued 🙂

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I don't see this in a big blue shell that doesn't care about playing more spells. You'd have to bounce 4+ cards to get on par with Fact or Fiction, which sees no play at all. If this is going to be a card in any kind of strategy, it must be one that cares about you replaying cards (Storm, Mentor) or decks that can pretty much guarantee a 4+ bounce, which is no easy feat. I'll try it out in an Acdemy shell to see where it can got, but I doubt it is any good for ritual storm decks right now.

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@Smmenen said:

Enjoyment and fun are inherently subjective concepts. That's why I have objectified fun into a more quantifiable concept: "Meaningful Choice." People want to have meaningful choice in 1) deck selection, 2) color selection, 3) tactics, 4) strategy, and 5) in game decision making. As long as a format is diverse, with lots of card options, I have faith that players enjoy meaningful choices.

This is basically what I've also been trying to say (less eloquent obviously). But it seems people try to read other stuff into my posts, just because I also stated my personal weighting of these 5 and how Hatebears might have a different weighting than decks I personally favour.

This whole "us" and "you" thinking is really annoying, please don't give me a label and treat me as if I talked down on you when I actually argue that every one of us has different ideas what fun in Vintage means, and they're all valid.

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I appreciate it when games are decided by in-game decisions, not necessarily stack-based interaction. As soon as there is decent tutoring in Hatebear strategies (and the white Recruiter is potentially promising) you can count me in.
And please don't reduce my example to the functionality of uncounterability, it was just to highlight that the impact of certain cards can be very hit or miss. This has absolutely nothing to do with card types or strategy. I dislike Belcher for the exact same reasons - opponent has Force T1 I loose, opponent doesn't have the Force I win. Some people might enjoy the thrill of taking a 60/40 chance on turn 1, but for me that is not what I consider fun or interesting gameplay.