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Being able to remove the PA to the Force of will and Unmask makes its pretty great for pitch dredge, its removable to ichord and returns off the narcomeba it manages a lot of versatile could see its as a 2 of in any pitching dredge list.

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For proxies I've been writing in pen on the back of bulk Commons but keep screenshots of all cards proxied on my phone so there isn't any issue with wording. And announcing every proxy on the board when an opponent asks about one is good practice so you opponent dosnt target the wrong card.

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2 Null rod main, To hold off storm? Ignot Chewer is a monster of a sideboard card.

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@gkraigher I'll probably add the missteps and traps just need to see how manageable they are through my own Thorns thanks for the suggestion.

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@Islandswamp I'm running non powered for the cost I played my first match of vintage before making an account and posting this powered tribal eldrazi looks tremendous.

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@DemonicAttorney his is the list I've been working with and seeing missteps working well in Vintage Super league sideboard seems good just worried about them through my own thorns. The traps I'll deffiently be picking up

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@msg67183 I Agree, I'm running 4 Thorn, 4 Rod, 2 dismember and 1 spacial Distortion main right now. Revoker seems really important in the mentor match because all their planeswalkers get them so far ahead and taking the turn off attack a player is rough.

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@gkraigher that's why I'm tryin to work with the colourless build it see like one of the best powerless decks in the format, the white powerless seems to have far more mana issues.

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@mdkubiak paper, I've playset of both Thalia just felt the mana for the colourless is better haven't seen many unpowered white eldrazi.