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True, but why do the people not play the best deck in the format? Anyway, after the sky has fallen a few times the last couple of weeks with first Narset and then Karn dominating the format is it now Pitch Dredge? I for my part wait and see how the format will adjust.

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Mystic Remora is pretty good against any kind of Gush and cantrip based deck (and storm btw), if you have a way to end the game fast. Remora does nothing against Mentor himself but can lead you to a game state where you can outplay the deck.

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I really like this approach and the deck looked sweet in stream-action. But it suffers from the same problem all fair blue decks but BUG do in the moment: Your first games against Shops and Dredge are nearly unwinnable and the hate out of the board is not enough and not good enough. I so hope for some regulating moves on Monday to free great innovation like that.

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They already answered Rich on Twitter that there will be no changes to Vintage to not shake up the Eternal Weekend preparation.

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I disagree, Xerox won't play that much removal and especially not that much white creature removal. And imo Pyroblast will stay where it is. It is still the most efficient answer to PO, Oko, FoW and the whole restricted blue package.

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First of all: Thank you for the write-up, Joe! I appreciate a lot that you offer so much vintage content so frequently.

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Seems like a pretty diverse meta. I would probably differentiate between Delver Xerox and Control Xerox (just with Pyromancers and/or Mentor) as the first one plays a more aggressive role.

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In the actual meta (see the last vintage challenge) it could make sense to maindeck Containment Priests. Dredge and Oath are stronger than ever and the Ambush Viper mode of the Priests make them even usefull in almost any matchup but Storm and Paradoxical.

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@smmenen said in November 26 Banned & Restricted Announcement:

... and like 4-8 decks capable of winning any tournament (Survival, PO, Dredge, Oath, BUG(r), Xerox, Shops, WEldrazi).

I agree with smmenen too, alone the quoted diversity of deck types is something we didn't have for a long time, without dominance of one of them and with a broad strategic diversity.

Maybe we can develop the meta a bit further by unrestrictions to establish additional deck types. Fastbond comes to my mind, which could boost Lands/Depth/Loam style decks, but there might be other possibilities.

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I like Goblin Cratermaker as a flexible solution against many threats in the format.

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I am interested in that as well. And what about Wear / Tear?

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Just one deck with Karns (a blue one) in the the top16 of the latest challenge. Lots of Dredge, BUG and Xerox instead.