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I've been thinking on this card alot lately. Are we at a point where there's enough cards that benefit from the drawback to make this card broken?

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@rat3de is spot on with my thoughts on the deck. If I run a combo, rather do more busted stuff that vintage offers, if I'm playing control I rather be on something a little more traditional like landstill.

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Hope to see some gifts or taigam to bust regrowth!

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@iamactuallylvl1 good read! I saw you at the event but got distracted when I was about to come thank you for your YouTube channel.

Congratulations on the 11th place finish.

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3-4 drop 😞

Managorger xerox.

Dredge everywhere

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Last minute complete deck overhaul... What's the worst that could happen?

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After eternal weekend this year I have to liquidate some cards and will likely move my pearl/jet/emerald. Keeping the rest so I can start brewing with you're template. Been having alot of fun jamming variants of this in testing.

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@fsecco just picked up a playset of gold border monoliths for $10/ea!

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Mono black control will ivory tower and necropotece!