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I think one huge thing that people are missing with Ashiok vs survival: He can disrupt for 1-2 turns and can be killed through combat damage. But if he is dying to combat damage, YOU are not dying to combat damage.

Vintage is a game of turns - as in you win or lose by the difference of one turn VERY often. If you buy 2 turns through grave exile, stifling survival, and redirecting combat damage away from your face, you essentially played timewalkx2 for 1UU (1BU, 1BB). If they printed a card that said "1UU sorcery, take an additional 2 turns" it'd be beyond busted. Ashiok gives you at least a turn if not 2 vs this deck. THAT'S the biggest accomplishment for the dream render.

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I'm thinking this baby sits beside Ashiok, Dream Render and Ashiok 1.0 and Jace, Wielder of Mysteries and JtMS in my new UB consultation deck 😛

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This might actually have the most utility vs survival. Obviously you hit survival with the enchantment mode. But you can hit Hollow One with the artifact mode and an untriggered Vengevine with the grave mode. Pretty solid I say, and potentially maindeckable.

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I think Hero's downfall is more likely to be better in most situations, and that card isn't very playable in vintage (love it in modern). Hitting a pyromancer or monk or vengevine or human is useful. Instant speed is also big. The chance this card will be useful to net any loyalty or card advantage without you already being buried beyond help is small. I suppose in the right matchups (xerox), if you are on a PW build that accesses double black easily, you could get a nice boost often enough. So many vintage decks run 0 walkers though, so this will be bad maindeck for sure.

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@ssasala Except the 2 PWs could be a WAR uncommon, teferi time raveler + dack or jace maybe. If you are running double black, you are likely clearing the path with seize/duress. If your opponent taps out to play that second walker and doesn't have the FoW, you can get a nice 2-for-1.

I think it'll see fringe SB play and will probably be bigger in Modern, but it can get value in the right situations.

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@protoaddict Yeah, I was thinking that could be a plan B, or maybe a welder/bazaar/mycocinth play on top of this. Mycocinth will be good with this card...but I think it'll be hard to stick without workshop (which can't cast karn) or several pieces, like bazaar + welder + another artifact + karn.

Liquimetal is just hellafun, and would be a nice combo with artifact removal or the new Karn that you can play early. Liquimetal also gives you answers to every permanent with shattering spree. It's like the painter/REB trick...but spicier 🙂

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I just thought of a really funky/fun strategy. May be too cute to use, but maybe it works. Running a 2-mana land base, you can turn 1 play liquimetal coating. Turn 2, play this Karn, turn their land drop into an artifact, and +1 blow it up. Should keep them from ever hitting 2 mana. couple with fetches/strips...could work. You'd likely want red so you can have maindeck hate vs shops and can liquimetal+shattering spree or liquimetal+welder.

I always loved liquimetal coating, and this is just one more card aching to make LC playable, lol.

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God-Eternal Oketra
Legendary Creature - Zombie God

Double strike

Whenever you cast a creature spell, create a 4/4 black Zombie Warrior creature token with vigilance.

When God-Eternal Oketra dies or is put into exile from the battlefield, you may put it into its owner's library third from the top.



My first thought was "overcosted for a humans deck." Then I started thinking about Modern bridge from below shenanigans with free creatures. Could this be cast and followed up with a bunch of 0 cost creatures like ballista, hangarback, and endless one? Hollow one and rootwalla, potentially, if you twist the build a bit (you already have riftstone portal for the white mana).

Maybe something like, play oketra, drop 3 0-drops for 3x 4/4 zombies? The 0-drops would have utility in themselves as you could drop them for X. I'm thinking an eldrazi-ish mana base with 2-mana lands to accelerate Oketra and bigger X-drops.

Just a thought.

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@vaughnbros This seems pretty baller WITH Kaya, as Ashiok essentially exiles 4 a turn if you target your opponent, and Ashiok hits your opponent's whole grave the turn you play it. That seems to make Kaya's ultimate deadlier than it already may be.

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@theactualsaturn Ghost Quarter and Field of Ruin don't work, because they aren't an effect the opponent controls.

I love this card and think it's not as slow as people think. Turn 1 land, mox - turn 2 land, Ashiok. It's not like Vintage is a format without a crapload of moxen, and this can work off jet OR sapphire OR two lands that produce blue and/or black + ANY moxen. The turn 1 on lotus is going to be rare...but if you drop this thing turn 2, the opponent is still stuck with multiple fetches and dead tutors.