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Tapping for mana is an activated ability, so with this, you basically duplicate your workshop on turn 1 and can have stupid mana by turn 2.

Outside of that, I was thinking Tomb of Urami, but you'd still have to sac the tomb and then that shuts off the copied ability on this thing, so that won't do any good. Basically this will be a second strip mine or ramp land in 99% of cases. For the 3 mana, you're better off with crucible if you are wanting extra strip mines, so this is just a 5th Mishra's workshop, really.

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Would be funny to cast vs your opponent's full artifact board - and then they PO and draw 8 and you get 0 beasts 😛

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On the plus side, you could run Tainted Pact easily with this!

Actually, I just see this thing as a quasi-snapcaster that could be run in multiples main deck. Costs 1 more for the ability to be played in red (non-blue) and have +1/+1, which is not insignificant. It flashes in to block/kill a dreadhord arcanist or a lodestone golem or whatever that snappy can't take out. You also get to keep your spell in the grave for later shenanigans as opposed to exiling it from the grave with snappy.
It's not really much better than snappy when it is better and is more often worse, but I think it could just be a "red snapcaster" in some decks if they are trying to be non-blue. There are likely better options. As a companion, I think the deck-building constraints negate the plus of this card more times than not. Most decks want multiple combo pieces or at the least 4x FoW. A PO deck with a miser's PO seems bad to me.

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We didn't even get the vanilla "Vintage: No Changes" notice. We got the implied non-notice "Vintage: the format WotC won't even acknowledge, let alone give a F about."

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Free ante cards! 4x Contract from Below!

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Leak incoming...

They are restricting:

Paradoxical Outcome
Bazaar of Baghdad
Mishra's Workshop
All lands that tap for blue

They are unrestricting:
Wheel of Fortune

Let the good times roll!

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@garbageaggro The one thing I've found about breach is that it's vulnerable to all the grave hate that's already around due to dredge. People just board in the grave hate, and it's very tough sledding from there. Unlike dredge, though, you also have to fight through the counterspells to resolve breach, whereas dredge just dodges the stack altogether to win. Also artifact hate and storm hate like thalia, null rod, deafening silence, and ouphe are ALL effective at stopping the breach/lotus/brainfreeze combo. Makes winning with it hard when just about ANY disruptive card hits the combo on some angle.

Sometimes you can just punch through a turn 1 win like PO, but it's much more vulnerable to hate and less resilient. I'll be severely disappointed if the card ends up being a 1-of value engine instead of a 4-of combo. That's using the card as it was intended, and that's just too fair to be great.

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@yangtime I think the card selection of preordain is just too strong compared to thought scour. You want stuff in your GY, but that's what brain freeze is for. Rather than build a GY over time, you just brain freeze yourself for 12+ and go to town off a breach. Several games get won on chaining things like moxen into preordain into gush into brain freeze for 20ish and swinging with 3-4x phoenix with FoW in hand (or time walk if you have the mana).

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@desolutionist It seems to me that your beef with Vintage is more a change in your perspective in life overall. If you're looking forward to spending more of your free time on family and business and only occasionally playing magic, then the game as a whole is likely becoming a lower priority to things that matter more in the grand scheme.