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Put me in the mono-red moon camp. For just needing lotus and ruby that deck can be a monster.

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@protoaddct I thought of something very similar, only with no legendary rule (could be used as a path to restrict Workshop and Bazaar without really busting up the deck. That way the entry for those decks would also be substantially more affordable). They could release "Vintage Horizons" and make something like:

Urza's Workshop:

Tap to add 2 colorless. Use this mana only to cast or activate artifact spells and abilities.

Yardsale of Yemen

Tap to add 1 colorless OR tap to draw a card and discard two cards

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@evouga I like this approach far more than the "restrict and ban more stuff" approach. Then just let things shake out from there. I suspect Trinisphere and Balance would be back on the list pretty fast, though.

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This is such a great write-up and primer for the deck. Great work!

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I have never been a fan of this screwy "Scry 1" mulligan rule. At least this one seems more elegant than mulligan any number of times and still just Scry 1 - I would like to test it out before throwing it under the bus.

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@khahan said in Whats the play?:

Crack Fetch and Ancestral Recall


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I got mine and man its awesome - it's my favorite shirt I own right now! Let me know if you plan on running any new design ideas, there is a good chance that I would buy in again!

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@aeonsovarius Not sure how serious you are at picking up Bazaars but I have an extra one currently ...