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Put me in the mono-red moon camp. For just needing lotus and ruby that deck can be a monster.

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This is such a great write-up and primer for the deck. Great work!

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I have never been a fan of this screwy "Scry 1" mulligan rule. At least this one seems more elegant than mulligan any number of times and still just Scry 1 - I would like to test it out before throwing it under the bus.

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@khahan said in Whats the play?:

Crack Fetch and Ancestral Recall


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I got mine and man its awesome - it's my favorite shirt I own right now! Let me know if you plan on running any new design ideas, there is a good chance that I would buy in again!

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@aeonsovarius Not sure how serious you are at picking up Bazaars but I have an extra one currently ...