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I've just consulted the comp rules, and it seems a little uncivilized... but if I'm understanding correctly, you can actually just pay mana for phyrexian costs.

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@chubbyrain Satisfying a curious itch: guess it's like 12% with 4 Lavinia, 16 lands, and 1 each: Pearl, Sapphire, Petal, and Lotus.
Assuming only 12 of those lands can actually produce U/W: 10%

Disclaimer: all real math lazily disregarded for programmatic sampling.

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@fsecco Weirdly enough, I think modern Workshops' aggro focus probably makes the ability pretty lackluster for stabilization once you get to six. Specifically: it's worth noting that the +1/+1 counters from Ballistae, Walkers, Ravagers, and Overseers stick around.

For a significant chunk of the creature package, this ability reads: Up to two target creatures get +0/+3 and lose all activated abilities. Not nothing, but might actually be more interesting in the more-controlling, unrestricted Lodestone meta.

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Gifts, because I can't quit Mana Drain, no matter how unplayable it gets.

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@Serracollector I don't think that works as well as one would hope; those aren't triggers.

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Having been on the other side of this in a previous P9 challenge, I must admit it was originally somewhat disheartening to watch the replay and discover that I was facing down 2 players, plus a third over Skype.

That said, I know that I personally got a lot out of being able to re-watch that match from my opponent's point of view; to hear the considerations of his lines, see what he had, and especially to hear the debate between different lines. It was a wealth of valuable information that you just cannot get anywhere else. I was able to easily pick out my (very) loose plays, see where I had my windows, and when they closed. I lost the match, but was able to get a heck of a return on that loss.

My two cents: I definitely wouldn't want to see an end to the way that Vintage has been streamed recently -- the community, entertainment and educational value provided is far and away worth more than the occasional feelbads.

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Planeswalker legend rule sends the "used" one to the graveyard, new titan token brings a now-refreshed Saheeli back from the yard.

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CMC zero on moxen makes this a bit of a non-bo. I don't know that I see it working outside of older style prison shops.

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@Serracollector You'll draw 10 cards before you lose any life.

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It's the OP's avatar on the far left. Clicking the picture will turn it into a check box.