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Quote from: Stormanimagus on March 16, 2016, 06:39:41 pm
>Instead of tearing things down we should calmly explain our opinions.

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@wagner said in Valakut Awakening:

Did no one bother to go look at the WotC mechanic explanations? It's literally where this card was spoiled.

It was spoiled (leaked?) before then by a YouTube video showing the card and what it did. Then that video was taken down and all that was left was screenshots and people talking about what they thought the video had said.

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From the phrasing, it's unclear whether Invoke Prejudice is also on that list, as it is the subject of the first two paragraphs.

Hopefully this means we can get these effects functionally reprinted with more reasonable names.

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  • Gush is unrestricted again
  • Discussing the reserved list is banned
  • Being disappointed by WotC's actions is now required
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With Bug Report on the stack, I cast It Worked On My Machine, which counters Bug Report.

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@sock-monkey said in Spring 2020 Vintage Tournament?:


You didn't go to NYSE VI either so it's not surprising that you, as a Texan, are disinterested in New York events.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Prospero asked for people's opinion and I gave mine.

I've traveled pretty far to tournaments before, including to New York state within the last year. (And another non-Magic trip to NY about a month ago) My issue isn't with New York, it's about being in a difficult spot to get to in general. Like if I scheduled an event in College Station, sure you could get there (heck, United flies multiple flights every day) but I'd have a lot better turn out if my event was in Houston or Dallas or San Antonio or Austin.

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@prospero said in Spring 2020 Vintage Tournament?:

Hey, everybody.

I'm considering putting together a moderately sized Vintage event in the spring of 2020, likely at a local store, on Long Island.

Roughly thinking that it'd be for a piece of power or two, store credit to top eight, pre-registration, etc., with an entry fee around $75.

Seriously though, would you be in?


Long Island is simply too difficult to get to. Looking at flights, I can either spend ~$800 and most of a day traveling each way or I can spend far less flying to NYC and still be out most of a day getting to the tournament itself.

For comparison, the cheapest and shortest flight is $784 with 5:37 total travel time. For less money and a few hours more, I could fly to Paris.