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> We should try to adopt a principle of charity - interpreting the statements of those we disagree with as attempts to communicate the clearest and most thoughtful version of their argument.

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Date: Friday, July 19th
Location: The Whittier Pub - 2000 E 28th
Entry fee: $20
Proxies: 100% Proxy
Prizes: Cash, Glory, and a sweet trophy.
Round 1 starts promptly at 7pm - Be there early!
Event website | Facebook Event Page


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@anonymous said in [M20] Manifold Key:

3, T: Target creature can't be blocked this turn.

Read as

3, T: If you controlled Blightsteel Colossus at the beginning of this turn, you win the game.

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Another point toward affordable old school is the cards you already have for other formats. After accounting for things I already owned, I just bought all the things I need for my new OS deck for $110 - and that's including upgrading some things to more aesthetically pleasing versions. And of that $110, $40 was cards I was already planning on buying for non-OS reasons.

FWIW, this is a thing I really like about Middle School. If you play Legacy (and to a lesser extent, Vintage), you have the majority, by cost, of at least one and probably several decks.

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And yes, this is indeed the weekend before Christmas.

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No scheduling details posted yet. I'll edit this when more details become available.

Official website is

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Despite the energy and organization that have defined the format in the past few years, Austin does not have a centralized Old School scene. With that, I’ve found that local players have many misconceptions about Old School. The biggest one, invariably, is the cost of building a deck. As we’ve just announced our second non-proxy event of the year – the Summer of 94 – we wanted to help prospective and skeptical players come and join us for a day of fun and old cardboard. To do that, I’m writing this article to help new players put a deck together without buying Power, Duals, etc.

Article link for the rest

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Link to annoucement post

More results, pics, and other cool shit at


  1. Bryan Hockey - GW Enchantress
  2. Michael O'Mally - Jund Aggro
  3. Ben Kendrick - Pandeburst
  4. Robert Wyatt - Sexy Rector
  5. Tim Everett - Stiflestill
  6. Nick Olin - Red Deck Wins
  7. Patrick Vincent - Rebirth
  8. Brian Tweedy - Turbolands (No decklist)
  9. David London - GU Enchantress
  10. Jacob Baltz - UW Control (No decklist)
  11. Tri Nguyen - Trix
  12. Stu Ziarnik - Urza's Saga Special Delivery Preconstructed Deck
  13. Sam Craven - 4C Madness
  14. Curt Christianson - UR Stiflenought
  15. Joseph Amaya - Landstill Tokens
  16. Nathan Golia - UB Psychatog


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