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Love the new 'Vintage 101' under your guidance, very well-written too - great work!

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@The-Gremlin-Lord As far as red decks go, I've found Scab-Clan Berserker & Eidolon of the Great Revel pretty punishing in the vintage metagame.

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Yes, the SMIP duo spoke of it's possible favourable interactions with Lion's Eye Diamond, Mox Diamond, and even Thirst for Knowledge..

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While in planeswalker form you would need a bounce spell to deal with him, but if used to attack (in his 4/4 human soldier form) he becomes vulnerable also to swords, path, or any exile spell.

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I'm the_unseen on MTGO, live in EST zone. Relatively new to MTG, started Vintage a few months ago. Have a few T1 decks, including various Shops iterations.