@gkraigher said in [M19] Alpine Moon:


I play mono Red, and I would love a 1 mana printing that would help the deck out. But i think this card is terrible.

Vs Dredge it allows them to get colored mana from Bazaars to remove this card from play. Pitching needle doesn’t do that.

Vs shops this is just a terrible card. You will be naming Mishra’s Factory more than you would name Worskhop. Against shops, Damphig sphere is much better because it slows down Moxes as well.

The one advantage this might have is against Forbidden Orchard.

This does literally nothing vs. xerox.

If it didn’t have the “add mana of any color” clause and it was a legit pithing needle for non-basic land. Like if it “blood sunned” fetchlands and removed workshop from all mana abilities, it would be playable.

As it stands this is unplayable garbage.

It turns on your opponents Missteps? That's something. Maybe if this thing cantripped or scryed.