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This thread is just like the one that almost unanimously rejected Jace, the Mind Sculptor!
If you're up against dredge, Drawn from Dreams is much stronger than Fact or Fiction.

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I am also impressed with the design recently. I remember drafting Kamigawa block and thinking "Isn't there some other game we can be playing?" But now I just want to play Magic.

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@thecravenone Shenanigans can be cast twice (or more) in one turn, too. Dredge can replace a card drawn for any reason.

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i live in chicago but don't know of any vintage going on here.

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'Generate a lot of creatures' is a popular and surprisingly successful strategy in Vintage. This card can single-handedly address this vulnerability. However, this card is narrow, slow, and fragile (unfortunately sharing a toughness with Containment Priest in particular).

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Weak but useful in dredge. Unfortunately, its game 1 impact is small. However, cards that additionally contribute to a graveyardless strategy post-board are precious and rare.

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A crazy idea, but how about Deserted Temple and Walking Ballista?

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Chalice of the Void getting restricted is good for the Hatebears player, as facing X = 2 is a silver bullet.

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Restricting Lodestone Golem is a good decision. It decreases luck and adds variety. Mishra's Workshop is still Tier 1.

Think about how many cards became playable today. Every deck, strategy, card, and new set is now more interesting. I am excited!

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Consider splitting your deck into two piles: those your opponent would bin and those she will let you keep at any moment in time.

Contrast drawing a card. Sin Prodder's ability's value is the weighted average of the converted mana cost in damage of the binned pile plus the in-hand value of the kept pile.

Plainly, the ability shines when your bad cards are good and your good cards are expensive.