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I’ve had some thoughts over the past week that are conceptually, if not equivalent to what you’re doing, very similar. I’m looking forward to hearing if this deck performs well.

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I'd love to play in one of these, but as someone who lives about a 3 hour drive away a 6pm start is at least a couple hours too late. I learned about this event last year from Robert but the drive for an Indy area player is just too much.

I'm guessing you guys gets a lot of people wanting to play both trials, but is it possible to do them on different days? Like a Saturday/Sunday or even Saturday/ following Saturday? Seems like you could pull people from Chicago/Indy/Detroit a little easier that way, but maybe I'm wrong about that.

In any case I hope you have a great turnout.

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I think your "schools" approach feels a bit... shoehorn-y at times (in that Rob Hahn might not translate that well to today). Having said that, I REALLY want it to be true. There's something magical, forgive the pun, about early M:tG that, Old School aside is only really present in Vintage.

The "name" schools give a very intimate feel to the game that's very much lacking in modern-day sanitized M:tG. I suspect that's why a lot of us play the format, it feels sort of Wild West-ish to this day.

Having said that, as a combo player combo decks by their very nature are very disparate in a way control and aggro really aren't. Decks like ProsBloom, Metalworker, Doomsday, Dredge, etc. function so differently it's hard to categorize them together. Speaking of which, was there a Type I combo deck before Type II ProsBloom hit the scene? If not, maybe that's a good place to start.

Personally, I like the "name" approach because it has a certain romanticism to it, but I feel like there are functionally infinitely many ways to approach this and I'm not sure that taxonomy matters as much.

I would posit that the key is looking at how a deck wants to win - what does an ideal game of Magic look like for Xerox, for Outcome, for Oath, etc. That I think will give you the best grouping mechanism for decks; the exact cards themselves are subservient to the goal they're trying to achieve.

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We had 8 people for both trials, I won Saturday with Paradoxical Oath, and one of the South Bend crew (I forget their names) won Sunday with what I believe was Dredge.

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Awesome! I still need to round up a couple cards to play what I want for sanctioned Vintage but I'll be playing whether I can get them or not.

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Montolio takes another one down. Holy Catfish!

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Details at bottom of the post, but please consider reading the whole thing.

Event website:

This is an event being run by Tim Morrison (who doesn't have a TMD account anymore and has asked me to post something here), it's for the Ben Lavender Memorial event. I don't know if any of you knew Ben (he was fairly well known around the Midwestern M:tG scene) but he was one of my best friends for almost 30 years until he died suddenly on April 17, leaving behind a widow and 2 young sons (4 and >18 months) and there is going to be a (hopefully fairly large) event to raise money for his family.

Ben & I used to attend Vintage events back in the late Aughts (mostly Worlds @ GenCon/Nationals '08 and the old Meandeck Open events) and so as part of the tribute to him, there are going to be sanctioned EW trials as well as proxy side events for those interested.

Vintage Trials: 3:30 pm Saturday (6/23), 10:30 am Sunday (6/24)
Legacy Trials: 10:30 am Saturday (6/23) 3:30 pm Sunday (6/24)*

Price: $20, sanctioned (no proxies)

  • The website does not have the 3:30 Legacy Trial listed but Tim gave me these times himself.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask here or to message me directly.

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Was there a recorded stream of the event? I'm not finding anything.

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We had either 13 or 15 people come out today (I think 13). Four rounds of Swiss, no cut. I took 1st with Paradoxical Oath. I think I'll probably write a short tournament report soon, and there should be decklists posted online soon.

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Attendance was down a bit this month at 6, but that's probably not surprising given that is was the first nice weather weekend in the last couple months. I took 1st with Paradoxical Oath, finishing 2-0-1 (non-intentional draw). I went 2-0 vs. Merfolk, 1-1-1 against a U/W Mana Drain deck, and 2-1 against a Mono-U Mystic Remora deck with maindeck Back to Basics based on an old LSV brew. Surprisingly for an Outcome deck, I went 1-2 Game 1 but an undefeated 4-0-1 postboard.

Hoping for a bigger turnout in the future, I hadn't been there in about 6 months, but I should be there just about every month going forward.

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