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The Community is more important than the Self. In a game, the opponent is not your enemy. The enemy is yourself. Your opponent is simply there to test your strengths and weaknesses. If anything, you should thank your opponent regardless of the outcome. Your opponent makes you better.

If you resort to bashing a person in real life or on a chat screen you do not deserve to be part of this community. In this you are both a coward and a buffoon.

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i just top 8'ed for the first time on 10+ years with Ben's version of this deck. i didn't drop a game all day. Played into Shops, Outcome Tendrils and RUG.

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@thecravenone I have to be one of the worst people to ask for a tourney report since i didn't anticipate getting very far and I didn't take any notes, but i will go from memory to the best of my ability.

I tend to go to Top Deck Games for Vintage as my monthly event. Past that I might get some testing with a really good local who usually pilots something with Paradoxical Outcome in it but he keeps it spicy so i never really know what to pin him on. I have been "off" Vntage for the past few months, the combination of other games and too much FB saturation (BnR whining mostly) soured the format a bit for me so I opted to step away for a bit. I had Shops built still, taking a cue from Will Dayton and Nick DiJohn by adding more threats, chaning the deck from a prison deck to an aggro deck with prison elements. I also play BUG, but I was 2-3 months into my break and started to feel like I wanted to play something else. I don't have a huge collection, but I could piece together 2 Card Monte for under 100 bucks while proxying the Ancestral Recall and Timetwister. Naturally I opted for Ben's list because its what I have seen. I follow Ben since he plays Old School and I also enjoy that format. I asked him for his list and I built it.

I end up driving to TDG myself. I often pool down with Dan Miller, but he was staying for both events and I was not so I opted to drive. After arriving I greet the crowd, knowing most of them quite well (I feel the Northeast Vintage scene is very open and friendly, and we all seem to know each other). After greeting Dan Miller, Joe Brennan, Sullivan Brophy and a few others I write down my decklist and pay, readying myself for round one. we ended up with 23 players for the day, which was on the low side compared to other events i have been to at the shop, but it didnt matter to me.

Round one versus Miles Agag

Miles is one of the staff from TDG, and he gives me a playmat to use since I forgot mine. I know he often plays shops, so I prepare for that. Game one he wins the die roll and opens with Workshop, Mox Jet and an Arcbound Ravager, and passes. I open with Mana Confluence, Mox Ruby and Black Lotus. I then cast Painter's Servant naming Blue. On his turn he plays a wasteland, destroys my Confluence and plays a Revoker, naming Helm of Obedience, he swings with Ravager and passes. On my turn I play another Confluence and a Mana Crypt, cast Demonic Consultation for Grindstone, cast it and grind him for the game. After a bit of confusion on what he just faced we sideboard. I bring in the usual MUD hate, plus balance and Sphinx. He opts to go first and he ends up mulling for to 5 or 4, keeping a hand with lands but no threats. We durdle for a bit, my hand is mana heavy but light on action. He plays a few threats that I answer in time with my effects, and i am slowly losing life to my own Crypt. After some measur eof time I manage to tutor into Painter/Stone and kill him.

Round two versus Mike Gutner

Sorry if your first name isn't Mike, I am terrible with names. Mike is a guy I see often at these events and we always end up chatting. He often pilots something blue based and I saw he was playing with PO during my walking around time before the event. Our first game I put Leyline into play from my opener. He opens up with a fetchland and passes. I open with a Workshop and a Mox, casting a Grindstone and passing. We dance a bit for a few rounds, he is missing land drops while I Grind him each turn for value. I start playing Helms as well, drawing the wrong pieces and tons of sources but no tutors. Once turn he opts to go off with a Yawgwill, forgeting I have Leyline in play he fizzles out and passes. I end up drawing a tutor for the right piece and Grind him down. Game two was a mull to five for him that banked on a single Mox that I Claimed. He sat on no lands for the rest of the game as I slow grinded him with a combination of Stone and Helm, manually milling him out of the game.

Round three versus JP Kohler

This match was very quick. We chatted through most of it so my memory of it is poor. Game one I assembled Painter/Stone very quickly, I lose the Painter to a MM/RED/Fluster battle but topdeck another painter to kill. Game two was the same effect but I had Leyline in play and had a Helm countered and I played a second to kill. JP gave me some pointers and pitfalls of the deck, as he ran it to great success before. I opted to adhere to his advice, adding a tormod's crypt to my board, cutting the city.

Round four ID with Sam Canstrucci

We opted to ID, which is the first time I ever ID'd in an event

Round five ID with Sullivan Brophy

We also opted to ID, securing out spots in t8.

T8 - Everyone split.

The Top 8 had a lot of Shops, Dredge and BUG in it, so I feel if I had played the games I might have been able to pull some more wins but I was just psyched to get to where I was.

I hope this report was interesting and helpful. I will definitely take notes at EW.

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I just returned from a 49 person event in Coopersburg, PA. It was my first outing into Vintage since 2006 so it is safe to say I have some work to do before i get my footing in the format again. It was also my first real exposure to a vintage meta since i don't play online. I ran Bant Fish and finished 2-3 drop. I played against the follows:

R1 - Gush Mentor
R2 - Gush Mentor
R3 - Gush Mentor
R4- Enchantress (he splashed for Mentor as well)
R5 - Gush Mentor

Now I am just another voice in the crowd, but from my own deck I am sort of stifled in regards to beating those gush decks. I have no doubt that my deck was fringe at best but it seems from my eyes at least that Gush and Mentor are very popular.

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Started playing during UNL but never really took the game seriously (still don't really). Dipped in and out as I grew up. I didn't realize how deep I actually liked the game until after I left the US after joining the Marines. After a few deployments I had plenty of disposable income so I bought in heavily into Type 1 in the early 2000's. I bought and sold after that. My collection took hits over the years, eventually grinding down to a few pieces of power and a commander deck and a legacy deck. A good friend got me into the 93/94 format and I figured since I had the P9 stuff I could give vintage another chance after walking away in 2006 due to what I feel was a caustic state (due to people).

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I remember your name. I went to an event with Ben Karp and Sullivan down in Virginia some time ago. Ben let me crash in his hotel room with a guy I brought down. I was always a casual player but I got a real eye opener to what "competitive" magic was that night. I remember Sullivan just grinding deck ideas all night into the morning. I was playing Parfait at the time and enjoyed dropping Moats while killing people with Charbelcher. Those guys really helped me form my first core ideals of competitive play. Oath and Slaver variants were all over the place. I remember the tension between ICBM and Team Meandeck. Thanks for jogging that memory out for me despite the negativity it might have caused.

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Saw this pop up on my FB feed:

Inventors' Fair

Legendary Land

At the beginning of your upkeep if you control 3 or more artifacts gain 1 life

Tap to add one colorless

4 Tap, Sacrifice Inventors' Fair. Search your library for an artifact, reveal and put in hand. Activate this ability only if you control 3+ artifacts.

Thoughts? My initial is probably too slow for TKS shops but maybe more useful in more grindy shops builds.

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Curious to see if you can fit Trawler in there for recursion as it connects with over a dozen of the creatures.

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@sodoyouwearacape it makes early interaction easier. notably I have been able to use it as early as turn one. During a recent game against Oath I was able to both use it early to ping a spirit token then wasteland my opponents Forbidden orchard. He gives me another token in response, which I ping with the ballista and the ballista dies, denying an oath trigger for my OP on their next turn. The ballista dying (as opposed to Trike staying at 1/1) is actually a boon in some instances (like the above example). Getting to 4 mana to start pumping him is another story since Workshop doesn't help that. I never got to that point. But I did get a chance to bring an OP down from 13 life to zero once i resolved a Ravager with Ballista on the board. Seems to m that the interactions with other cards in these new sets might put Shops into some new builds. I am interested in testing them for sure.

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Also suggesting to start with the lotus. It just makes the rest seem a bit easier.

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Played my first games with BUG today into shops. Still heavily proxied but went 2-3 in all games. Playing with Trygon Predator main was a goal of mine. Still a ton to learn.

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Counterintuitive to the current shops aggro plan. I was excited initially, but after thinking about it I quickly cooled on the idea.