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UW Lavinia Eldrazi has recently been supplanting straight White Eldrazi. Does anyone here have experience playing with/against Lavinia Eldrazi? I’m curious how castable Lavinia and sideboard Energy Flux have been for people - does 4 Adarkar Wastes get the job done, or are some Tundras necessary? And does Lavinia bring enough to the table to justify making our already-shaky manabase even worse?

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Per the title, how many copies of a given token do you bring when you're playing a token generator?

I'm building a Pyromancer deck. Historically, I've brought 1 token and marked it with dice. I'm wondering, though: should I try to bring enough tokens to have actual copies for each one? And if so, how many should I plan on having with me?

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To quickly expand on what @thecravenone posted: Houston has Vintage every 3-4 weeks hosted by the Lhurgoyfs. Austin has a series called Romancing The Stones that meets every ~6 weeks. Both are 100% proxy.

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The crew met up last night and mapped out our calendar for the first half of 2019. Sharing it here for folks who plan in advance! Venues TBD, but here are the dates:

March 30th
May 4th
June 8th

(Sorry for the big gap between our last event and the next one, but SXSW is going to consume one of our TO's lives for the next 6 weeks. Texans desparate for some Vintage action are, of course, encouraged to attend our Houston brethren's events in the meantime.)

Edit: 4/27 changed to 5/4 to avoid prerelease weekend.

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Just listened - great episode! Thanks everyone.

Edit: nevermind, hadn't gotten to the onion part. Y'all are wrong and this cast is terrible.

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Thanks for posting this @thecravenone! Next time, boycott the NFL and come play Vintage with us.

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@Thewhitedragon69 I mean, you missed Top 4 on breakers - nothing to be ashamed of there. Considering the last time you Top 4'd one of our events you were on BW Depths, you're developing quite the reputation as a successful brewer.

@evouga Great meeting you this weekend! I learned that Library vs Jace + Sylvan is not a winning battle.

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@evouga Yep! We're pretty much set on that structure, unless we see a drastic uptick or downtick in attendance. Cutting to Top 8 would be nice, but that extra round reallllly adds a lot of time to the event, which our venues don't always love.

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Cheers @Khahan - hope you can make it! We should be hammering out dates for our next few events soon, so I'll share those here once we have them. Tentatively, I'd expect late March (after SXSW) and either late April or early May.

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This season, we decided we're doing away with playmats for 1st place - if there's one thing Magic players don't need, it's more playmats. Instead, we're awarding Austin-themed proxies for 1st! This Saturday's winner takes home every Texan's favorite grocery store:

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You're doing yourself a disservice if you don't see Roma or Eighth Grade.

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Cheers guys.

@thecravenone That's a very valid question for any given TO. In my case I believe I have a way to manage that for free / cheap, so I'm not worried about it.

@Khahan I guess it's unnecessary. My thought is that with 40 players at $25 entry, I'd take in exactly $1000. If it goes larger than 40, there'd probably be an expectation for a bigger payout, which is fine, but it might just be easier to commit to an exact number and not have to worry about scaling payout. (Obviously if 40 didn't show up I'd be out of pocket some amount of money, but that's a different issue.)

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OK, this is a topic I'd like to return to. Obviously a January 2019 event isn't happening, but if I start planning now, I could shoot for a Jan/Feb 2020 event that's announced months in advance, so out-of-starters can plan for it.

First step for me is considering potential structures, specifically in terms of prize pool and player headcount. In reading over people's responses, there was a mix between "prizes don't matter to me" and "the prize pool needs to have multiple pieces of Power." Obviously, that's a pretty big discrepancy. I'm curious what people would think of a structure like this:

  • Prize Pool: $1000 cash
  • $25 entry, capped at 40 entrants
  • Non-proxy

If you're someone who would consider flying to play Vintage, is this event big enough (both in terms of prizes and player count)? I'm aware that a 1K is normally not the type of event people travel for. However, non-proxy paper Vintage on that scale doesn't seem to exist anywhere in the US, outside of the aforementioned annual events (NYSE, Waterbury, etc). Is that special enough? Or would it need to be bigger?

(Basically, what I'm struggling with is the Vintage player psychographic. On the one hand, there are lots of spiky players in the community, who also expect big payouts. On the other hand, our decks are all so expensive that you can never really make your money back. Likewise, most of us have money to travel, but maybe not time. And unless you come in literal 1st place, you're probably not making back the cost of a hotel, flight, food, etc. And on top of all that, we have high expectations for paper events, but aren't exactly flush with paper Vintage options. What do we as Vintage players really want?!?!)

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The White Eldrazi maindeck continues to solidify; recently, everyone’s been running Trinisphere and a singleton Null Rod. I have never been a huge Trinisphere fan in the deck (it’s the only real symmetrical lockpiece), and one Null Rod feels strange in a deck with no library manipulation. Anyone here have insight into why these are universal inclusions right now - is it strategic, or just one successful list that keeps getting copied?

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The lists I’ve seen recently (ref mtgtop8 and Bob Maher’s VSL list) are playing Skullclamp. I have an immediate reaction of “fuck yeah Skullclamp,” but is it actually good? Until you’ve drawn one of your six creatures, it’s completely dead. It’s obviously a powerful engine with Peezy, but seems cute. How do the Xerox pilots here feel about it?

Also curious about how important Green is in the deck. Sperling’s writeup made it seem pretty critical in shoring up the Oath and Survival matchups with Nature’s Claim, and we all know how good Ancient Grudge is ... Maybe I just answered my own question, but I wonder if straight UR with, like, Shattering Sprees is still viable or defensible.

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0_1548345597937_Poster med.JPG

After an intense 2018 invitational and a brief respite in Old School, we’re back to kick off the 2019 season of Romancing The Stones! Come release all your pent-up desire to abuse the restricted list, while partaking in some good food and beer.

Location: Hopfields (3110 Guadalupe Street)
Entry Fee: $10
Registration: 10:30 registration, with an 11:00 start time
Payout: 100% of entry fees go to the top Top 4; “special prize” (TBA) and invite to year-end championship for 1st Place
Proxy limit: Unlimited proxy
Proxy rules: While we love real cards and beautifully-rendered proxies, it’s more important to us that you’re just here and playing. As such, we’re not instituting any proxy rules or guidelines.
Decklists: We will be collecting decklists to post online after the event.

Wanna know what the competition looks like? Check out the lists from our past events here, or read our analysis of the 2018 Romancing The Stones metagame.

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@fsecco said in SMIP Podcast # 86: The 2018 Vintage Year in Review & Moxies Award Show:

I disagree with deck of the year, though. In other years you don't necessarily gave moxies to the "most successful deck". Take the eldrazi year for example. If I remember correctly Eldrazi won best deck moxies, and it wasn't the most successful that year. But it changed the metagame and the narrative of the whole year, deserving the award. I really think this year's narrative was all around PO. You later assess that we may be finally out of the Shops Era, and that was a lot on PO's back, which makes for me the deck of the year, since it really shaped how the format evolved and held Shops back a bit.

Exactly. This year, PO broke Shops's stranglehold on the format. And anecdotally, it was the deck everyone spent all year talking about, preparing for, asking for restrictions of, etc etc. When I think "Vintage 2018," I think PO.

Great show though!

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As a White Eldrazi player, I’ve struggled to beat token producers. If you aren’t playing Pyromancer, a few of them could help- they really gum up the board, which buys you time to stabilize.

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I enjoyed the last one, so I’m looking forward to watching this!