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July isn't bluebonnet season here in Texas, but winner for this event still takes home this lovely Library surrounded by our state flower!


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Cheers y'all. I'm gonna be playing Snapcaster/Pyromancer Xerox at our event next weekend, but after that I'll dick around with some Arcanist builds. My hesitation about it Arcanist is that it doesn't feel like a control card, but the results speak for themselves.

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@popedeuce37 As far as I can tell, no. I assume there must be a way to incorporate Karn the Great Creator, though he does kind of contract the deck's purpose (breaking Null Rod's symmetry) and can't get powered out that quickly. It's also possible the deck should be messing around with cards like Walking Ballista.

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Since this summer's SCGCon, many Xerox players have lept away from Sperlingesque RUG Pyromancer to Arcanist builds, per Justin Franks's 2nd place list. Some other examples:

What do we attribute this to? Following Justin Franks's high profile finish at SCGCon? Just wanting to try new cards? Arcanist being that good? A meta shift making these better positioned?

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Moon Stompy and JacoDrazi are still the obvious choices. Unpowered Delver and Hatebears are also probably fine.

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Location: Growler USA (609 W 29th St)
Entry Fee: $10
Registration: 11:30 registration, 12:00 start time
Payout: 100% of entry fees go to Top 4; unique proxy card and invite to year-end championship for 1st Place
Proxy Limit: Unlimited proxy
Proxy Rules: While we love real cards and beautifully-rendered proxies, it’s more important to us that you’re just here and playing. As such, we’re not instituting any proxy rules or guidelines.
Decklists: We will be collecting decklists to post online after the event.