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In your scenario, I think you still just have enough because you're getting 2 zombie tokens off each therapy so they need 2 swords.

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I really hope this doesn't just slot into cookie cutter dredge lists, but I don't think so. They're usually pretty tight and this card 'does nothing'. What'd be more interesting would be if you could make a lands dredge deck that could take advantage of this for survivability and in general play around cage since a lot of sideboards rely on cage to give slots that work vs both oath and dredge.

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I just wanna play this and then Gush to kill a monastery mentor. Notably, this guy essentially counters one half of mentor if they try to stop you from killing it since each spell they cast draws you a card which counteracts prowess (or the monks, I guess).

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This card seems super real. If we're willing to play merchant scroll for ancestral, this card feels better. The only aspect of the card to break that I didn't see above was fetching channel, though I feel like there has to be something that abuses it being a 1/1 (especially if it just needs having 1 power cuz then it plays super well with rector too).

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@evouga I'd only seen it in the IMA release notes before, but thanks for finding this.

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This is an iconic masters ruling change, so you won't see it on modo until a bit after that set's released.

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Playing Bane of Progress was my biggest pleasant surprise for tech that worked well. Kelly oath's main plan is hard to execute vs shops and Bane is really good at turning games around, especially with how hard shops is pressuring your life total these days.

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The only thing that's glaring is spell snare. Most people just play flusterstorm in that spot because of how much better it is when your opponent has misstep. That being said, I know there's some upside where it can counter things fluster can't, but you really need to think about why the card's in the deck. one of the main reason you run counterspells, especially more mana efficient ones, is combo and spell snare just doesn't stop your opponent from going off on its own. That ends up being too bad to justify the other upsides.

As a finer point, I'd think critically about energy flux in your board. 3 mana ends up being a lot vs shops, so if you're trying to use it to end the game, sure, but it needs help getting there which means it's not exactly working as an anti-shops card as much as you want it to. I'll also say that energy flux tends to do nothing vs other decks with artifacts, if you figured there'll be more flexibility.

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This time was a blast! Thanks to all the people sticking around to the end for our thrilling finale!

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I'm not sure Ponder even can be said to be related to Gush. In Vintage today, Ponder is not too different than Preordain, so unless we want that fine dividing line to be the line between unrestricted and restricted draw (makes me too at PO if so), then there really isn't a reason for restricted Ponder. Unlike brainstorm, it really only gives you 1 more card to use in your hand.