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As soon as there are enough worth running let me know.

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I have a savage Junk Hatebears list that I've been brewing that takes a very different approach. I may even start a new thread to talk about it, because I think it deserves its own archetype. I'll hint at that its built around Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose.

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Thanks for the input, but I think Tomik is too narrow and will just get bolted. Then the engine is turned back on. I have been testing Carpet of Flowers to much success lately as a way to burst mana on the table through a Wren and get to my fatties faster.

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Except that Mayor can get pinged. I already have a working idea. Carpet of Flowers.

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Hi community,

I'm curious to know people's thoughts on an issue I've been having for a while now:

This card has been a blight on my "fair" creature decks for a while now and I'm not quite sure what to do about it. I recently threw up my hands and ran 3-4 Revokers, but even that isn't a great solution. For context, I generally run hatebear Knight of the Reliquary lists that seek to abuse Cavern of Souls naming Human. I have a spicey new build of late with Vito, Thorn of the Duskrose and other Lifegain like DRS and Kambal. I also run key X/1s though like Thalia and Bob and this freaking card has owned me so often. It simultaneously nullifies MY wastelands while also waste-locking me and pinging my Thalias. I also can't run Mother of Runes to combat it because they just ping the mom and then remove it in response to it targeting itself. This card is just so ridiculously undercosted and annoying. What do I do?



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Would you consider making it a cavern deck? I also think that with combo decks, it is often better to run something like thoughtseize over force of will.

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@thewhitedragon69 Umm. . .Zidra has an activated ability. I think he means 1 Zidra in Companion Zone and 3 in the main. I don't know what the other 4 he was talking about were.

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@aelien Why is that? I find pre-game mechanics to be almost entirely unexplored. I think Vintage NEEDS more things like this to level the playing field actually. I love that this card says cmc 2 or less. This rules out Oko and Dack and Teferi from being included in a deck. I LOOOVE that restriction.

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Most of the time we are facing BUGr or UGR and not strictly BUG, and each of these decks have access to Lightning Bolt. I have tried Mirran Crusader, and while it's occasionally good, I don't think it has enough firepower across all the xerox variants out there to have staying power. I hope that helps clarify my thoughts here.

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@thewhitedragon69 said in [C20] Slippery Bogbender:

For the mana, I think Thrun is just better. 4/4 for 4, hexproof, regen, and can't get countered (just like cavern ability grants). Not human, but GG isn't hard to get and you are looking for the bonus off cavern-naming-human which Thrun has naturally anyway. The only plus to this, I think, is flash...but for being chumpable by a mox-turned-elk, this card seems worse than Thrun - even in humans.

The idea is to give hexproof to your real bomb like knight or kambal. Thrun is just a 4/4 that gets chumped. That is why it sucks in my opinion.