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Buy a lotus. Then moxen. The next choice is yours. Blue or Shops?? If you play dredge all day, you have found a quick way to trade in your bazaars towards a lotus at the end of it. Dredge is not for everyone. And the stares from your opponent when you have a starting hand of 7 AND a Bazaar is awkward. They will continue to be awkward until you trade the Bazaars towards a lotus.

Tbh, I don’t know if buying RL stuff is good or not. That’s for speculators and such. If you have all the Duals, not all 40 are used in Vintage. Maybe consider trading some of those towards some power. I would rather have a sapphire and Ancestral as my only power playing Jeskai than having 4 Bazaars. But that’s just me. Maybe I am the minority. I hope that you can make the right decision for your situation. Best of luck.

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White Eldrazi only plays 9ish white sources. I have had STPs stranded in my hands countless times. It will be harder to cast than one thinks. However, this does seem like a powerful card.

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I didn’t mean to sway your predictions for Goblin engineer @CHA1N5 @Smmenen

I accidentally forgot my deck box at home. Nam @nartman99 had an extra deck. Turns out it was a Goblin Engineer/ Welder deck. I haven’t played a blue deck in Vintage since I played Lord of Atlantis (which does not count as a blue deck). Turns out it was a pretty fun deck to pilot. It was my first time activating a Welder... wow. I think some minor tweaks are needed to the deck. I don’t recommend netdecking the list lol. More Dacks and 😔 Missteps 😔 are needed.

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Narset is one sided. Labyrinth shuts off your draws too. So whether Labyrinth is blue or white doesn’t change anything. Heck, if Labyrinth was blue it may never have been played. Or Dack would have been played right along side of it as a 4-of to Hymn your opponent.

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Giving this a bump. Hopefully we will see some new faces this weekend.

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there might be a scenario where this can be Griselbrand #4. Example, reanimating a Griselbrand would result you at less than 7 life. Your Griselbrand is turned off. Instead, reanimating this card would put you at the same 7 life but it would result you in 8 cards. Maybe too narrow.

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Is this a Human? I mean, naming Human with Cavern, the Cavern can’t pay for this correct?

Aside from that, I am thinking of being machine gunned down by a Ballista or wastelanded out of a game. There is a real cost to target anything on the battlefield or the player from your Shops opponent.

I generally play Eldrazi, if this creature was on my side, having this in combination with Thorn effects, my opponents mana gets used up pretty quickly. Turn 1 Thalia, turn 2 this guy; your opponent will have to pay 3 mana to STP your creature. That’s not nothing.

Against Dredge, their therapies target you. If they only have Bazaar, then it gets countered.

Against Oath, Oath targets you .... then they get a Griselbrand. 😬.

Against durdley Blue.dec, Jace Telepath and JTMS can target a creature you control. Bolts and STPs and Probe and Decays all target. However, Decay won’t get countered.

Against PO, the only thing that would target is... Tendrils! Yet another obstacle for the Storm player to remove before going off.

However, I don’t know if the U and W in its casting cost fits into anything directly yet. The U and W make it definitely playable, but there are only so many slots to simply slide this into an existing deck. But wizards in definitely trying to make a UW tribal deck a possibility. Meddling mage, Lavinia, Thalia, THIS, and others are a good start.

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If my opponent has 2 planeswalkers on the battlefield... I am losing. And I am probably not resolving this card. Dack and Jace will make it pretty hard to resolve. One of the reasons Abrupt Decay is still good. On the surface this looks awesome but probably won’t see play.

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This is an answer to a quick Tinker or Mentor, temporarily. Opp goes Tinker Collosus Go. Aside from typical answers like STP, Dack, or Balance, this prevents Blightsteel from lethal attack. Don’t exactly know where this would fit in with typical Blue decks. however this is another Thorn for White Eldrazi.

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Not the best time to be a legendary creature with all the Karakas’s floating around. This still can be bounced by your opponents Karakas.

This does stop the value-Will replay land drop from the graveyard. Also this laughs at the Depths/Stage combo.

I will have to test to see if this is good in a White Eldrazi list. I might have to add Lotus Petal instead of Mox Sapphire.