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A few of my favorites from my collection. Love the thread!

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I can't make this one due to a family reunion, but if they are the 3rd Sunday each month I will keep it in my calendar and plan to attend! Have fun gang!

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Ha! I don't remember the match details, but I do remember you were a fun opponent and good guy. I do recall getting your info (which I still have), and I will get you on the invite list for our upcoming tournament.

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@Topical_Island I remember you were on oath. I think this was the tournament I tried out Eldrazi for the first time

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I played against you at RIW last year, I remember that now! Are you coming this weekend?

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I live in Kalamazoo and am happy to say we have several vintage regulars! In fact, a large group of us are going to RIW this weekend to play (Sunday). Also, there is a shop in Battle Creek that will soon be hosting tournaments so that I can move them out of my basement.

Hope to see you around!

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@EmoPizza right on, and I did remember the trigger. But apparently he needed to draw the card first from TKS leaving the game, then I pick a card. Small issue, that by itself didnt seem cheaty at all.

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I played against Joe for our win and in to top 8 in round 8. Three items of note from our match:

  1. I commented on his marked sleeves, he shrugged it off. I have never been cheated in magic (still unsure if I have been), so I trusted he was not that type of guy.

  2. In game three he had the best hand possible against a shop opponent including lotus and kitake.

  3. There was a judge call from a bystander regarding a TKS, StP interaction where he would have hidden the drawn card from me prior to my enter play trigger.

After our match several judges pulled him aside for a 5 minute conversation. Each item by itself felt just sloppy and harmless, but together and with the additional mounting evidence, I am starting to feel like I got cheated out of my first top 8. I sure hope not, he seemed nice enough to my face.

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Containment priest is another vintage staple (at least at the moment with all of these white mentor decks) that I would like to see reprinted!

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@rikter Well said, I agree! I like how much potential change over there will be this season as well. Although we have had community members on board in the past, this is a great opportunity to have several more take the stage and set a different tone throughout the VSL.

I am looking forward to seeing how it all plays out.

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It sucks that the VSL has such a negative connotation in the community. I totally understand why, it is just too bad. For someone like me (that cant make it to the number of events per month that I would like to), it serves a great purpose of providing entertainment in the only format that I care about.

I am very thankful to the team that puts this on, along with all of the vintage Twitch streamers out there!

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Thanks for the response! I better understand where you guys (or at least you) are coming from now, and I cant say I disagree. I also buy into the concept that desperation will breed creativity with the shops archetype, and it could become even better than before.

Unfortunately, that still leaves me unsure of what to play. I guess I will dust off 2003 TnT and have some fun until things sort themselves out, haha.

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Great podcast, thanks again!

One question though. Like many people right now, I am sitting back considering what deck to play moving forward. As I was listening to the cast, I kept thinking Oath for the following reasons you guys pointed out:

Good win rate lately with a low profile due to few pilots
Tick up in mentor lists (oath is good against creatures)
Tick up in flusterstorm, misstep, red blast (doesnt stop oath)
Storm kept in check by control (storm seems like a bad oath matchup)

But when you guys get to Oath as a topic, you dismiss it as a metagame deck. It just seems like the meta could still be solid. To be honest, I am not the biggest oath fan. I just dont really want to just be another mentor pilot in a room full of 50 other mentor players!

Did Oath really get knocked as hard as the cast hints at?

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Bad or not, I am looking forward to more vintage content to listen to. Thanks!