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I played against Joe for our win and in to top 8 in round 8. Three items of note from our match:

  1. I commented on his marked sleeves, he shrugged it off. I have never been cheated in magic (still unsure if I have been), so I trusted he was not that type of guy.

  2. In game three he had the best hand possible against a shop opponent including lotus and kitake.

  3. There was a judge call from a bystander regarding a TKS, StP interaction where he would have hidden the drawn card from me prior to my enter play trigger.

After our match several judges pulled him aside for a 5 minute conversation. Each item by itself felt just sloppy and harmless, but together and with the additional mounting evidence, I am starting to feel like I got cheated out of my first top 8. I sure hope not, he seemed nice enough to my face.

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A few of my favorites from my collection. Love the thread!

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It sucks that the VSL has such a negative connotation in the community. I totally understand why, it is just too bad. For someone like me (that cant make it to the number of events per month that I would like to), it serves a great purpose of providing entertainment in the only format that I care about.

I am very thankful to the team that puts this on, along with all of the vintage Twitch streamers out there!

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I live in Kalamazoo and am happy to say we have several vintage regulars! In fact, a large group of us are going to RIW this weekend to play (Sunday). Also, there is a shop in Battle Creek that will soon be hosting tournaments so that I can move them out of my basement.

Hope to see you around!