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@chronatog This is more of a "some speeding is okay if you're matching the flow of traffic". Flexibility in enforcement isn't necessarily a flaw, especially in something so subjective as game state communication in a game where decks can have very different sets of relevant information. Having a default just reduces the burden on the judges when resolving these situations.

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A clarification on enforcement from Toby Elliot:
"If everything is clear and both players are acting on mutually-understood information (both active and passive), then we’re not going to worry if there’s technically a violation."

Generally speaking, if you and your opponent don't have an issue with it, a judge isn't going to swoop in and make you fix it,

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I'm sure this isn't a high priority and may not be feasible, but I would certainly be interested in some kind of "pre-order" option for the book that includes PDF versions of current and future chapters as they become available. I'm sold on the concept of the complete physical book, and would love to read chapters as they come out, but am not really motivated enough by the latter to pay twice for essentially the same content.

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@thecravenone Yeah, this is unfortunate, but getting rid of a weird rules quirk is likely worth it in the long run. I would have preferred to have legendary creatures function like planeswalkers, but this would require some goofy rules nonsense, since you can't just make every legendary creature its own creature subtype without massive implications for subtype-changing effects, and several legendary creatures are the same person but don't share elements of their name (like Crovax / Ascendant Evincar).

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I played GSZ BUG at NYSE and have been messing around with it online as well. Here's the targets I've used/considered vaguely in order of usefulness:

Consistently Strong

  • Leovold - Card is amazing, GSZ for it is amazing. Since most blue decks pack ways to kill this, I always run 2x since getting one to stick is huge. It's also nice that GSZ for Leo can't get Pyroblasted, so you can at least get your card out of it.
  • Deathrite Shaman - ramps you into bigger Zeniths, helps ramp/fix for Leovold. I play 4x basically for that reason alone, and sometimes you do want to Zenith for them.
  • Tarmogoyf - having ready access to a dumb beater is great, but this card is not always good (since you only want it in situations where you need to close out a game or where creature combat is relevant). Being able to have an effective 3 with Zenith when it's good, while only needing to run 1x puts it over the edge for me. Grim Flayer is an alternative that feeds itself, but doesn't hold off Eldrazi as well.
  • Scavenging Ooze - surprisingly good as a 1x of for hating + beating, since most decks either have creatures or recursion. This is better with Zenith for similar reasons to Goyf.

Cool Options

  • Dryad Arbor - I haven't ever super wanted to have Arbor except against Shops, so I've been sticking to 1x in the board to get a leg up against mana denial decks.
  • Manglehorn - I was initially really excited for this, but found it pretty disappointing. Destroying an artifact is not insane against PO, and this dies to most things that kill Leo without quashing Outcome itself. I'd just play Reclamation Sage over this if the ETB was something I thought I needed.
  • Trygon Predator - steady flying clock, good against walkers, good to get down against Oath/Standstill/Shops/slower PO decks. I've been very impressed with 1x main.
  • Ramunap Excavator - 1x is fine, but I haven't been super impressed. In general I've felt like either Leo or Trygon is a better angle of attack, but I need more testing to have anything conclusive.

Questionable Tech

  • Caustic Caterpillar - okay, yes, I know, but hear me out. Reclamation Sage can be a great card, but is not a great silver bullet against Shops. If you're casting a 4 mana sorcery against Shops, you are probably doing just fine. If you're under pressure but have mana, Caterpillar costs exactly the same to Naturalize something (whether Zenithing or hardcasting), and you're probably chumping with the Sage anyway. This gives you a way to try and crawl out from under lockpieces and stick something more serious. I'm not yet sure it's worth the SB slot, but getting a Shops player to sigh loudly and say “Phyrexian Revoker naming your stupid little caterpillar” is really its own reward.
  • Glissa, the Traitor - owns combat completely. If I'm worried about White Eldrazi or big ground threats like Wurmcoil, 1x in the side can do some amount of work (but I will admit it's got a pretty limited scope).

Other GSZ BUG considerations if people are interested:

  • 2x GSZ seems correct so far if you're trying to build around the card. it's expensive to cast if you want to have a big impact, and you want to make sure you have a big enough density of actual threats and answers in your deck. On the other hand, you do want to consistently see the card in longer games, as it really is a powerhouse once you can tutor any creature in your deck into play.
  • Blue spell count for Force can start to be a problem. Part of the reason I like Trygon over Rec Sage or similar is that prioritizing GSZ and targets really chips away at your blue count, and I found myself choosing cards just to get more blue spells. I really would like to find some good 2 cost U/G targets to help address this.
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Played against you last night (I was on BUG fish), got pretty soundly beaten. I definitely agree that Chalice, Ancient Tombs, and some number of Mindbreak Traps would be good main, since your interaction is pretty weak on early turns, especially with no Misstep. Accelerating out Null Rod/Chalice/Moon more consistently helps with that.

Have you found the SB Roast to be worthwhile? I felt the 4 life from Dismember to be more than worth instant-speed at a mana cheaper, but I also wasn't running as much self-damage with the Rolling Earthquakes.

Also a rules clarification: you cannot redirect damage from sources you control to your planeswalkers (as you mention re: Rolling Earthquake). I'm guessing you've tested some in solitaire, where I believe you are your opponent for the purpose of game rules. I was very disappointed when I realized I couldn't actually chew up my Dacks to get more land plays with Fastbond!

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NYSE IV was my first major paper Vintage event, and I had a blast. The cost of entry likely doesn't mean much for me compared to the cost of getting to and staying in New York - I'll likely come regardless.

Attendance based prizes do seem like a reasonable solution to help minimize the risk, if that's a big concern.

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Would it be worth condensing set spoilers into a single "official" thread for random hype/ light discussion/"is this playable" for cards as they are spoiled for a given set? If people want to have more a detailed discussion about a card, they could write up a post with a better premise than "look it's a new card is it good".