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@thewhitedragon69 said in Should all Vintage be 100% proxy?:

It's not about making more deck types in the format.

@moorebrother1 said in Should all Vintage be 100% proxy?:

I think there is room in Vintage for many more decks in the meta-game and I think the cost is preventing new players from getting into paper.

Ok, buddy. I'll answer the OP's question while you answer the ghosts in your head.

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Shameless repost since I didn't know about this thread until just now:

alt text

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According to Betteridge's Law of Headlines, the answer is no.

In my opinion, the answer is no because it assumes that the price of the format is the absolute deterrent to players as well as innovation. My recommendation, at least for the innovation department, is to dig up the data from North America Eternal Weekend 2018 (it contained every decklist, lucky us) and Magic Online around the same time. Since Eternal Weekend is a significantly larger player pool, and your hypothesis is that a larger player pool leads to many more decks, you'll probably find your answer there.

The rest of your post is personal bias towards Magic Online.

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@chubbyrain said in How do I beat Karn, the Great Creator:

You haven't substantiated any of your positions. You haven't provided tournament results. You haven't mentioned any records. You've cited "testing" but what does that consist of? Who are you playing against? Are you competing in large scale events against competent opponents who have posted consistent finishes with their lists? Tell me why I should consider what you are saying over literally everything else I have seen about the format.

Your newest post doesn't do this either.

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There's a contingent of Vintage players that don't understand how to create, interpret, or in any way use data in a positive way. They tend to be more enfranchised players that did well long before Black Lotus was on MODO and the online data was an option for them to improve their game. They become bitter when they see people use the new ways to become better than the members of the old guard. They think they're just as knowledgeable but simply don't have the time to prove it due to adult duties such as children, aging parents, or any other aspects of reality. They use the term "noob" as a negative epithet because it's how you insulted your fellow gamers twenty years ago.

Please don't stoop to their level. Your streaming content and intelligent posts are far more important than shit-slinging with the bitter has-beens. Please be better.

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@cuikui @moorebrother1 The unspoken implication was that the first Karn was used to find and cast Mirror Gallery.

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One of the cards that can beat Karn that hasn't been mentioned yet is The Elderspell. It lets you kill all four of their Karns at the same time while simultaneously boosting the loyalty of your own Karn.

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@moorebrother1 Thankfully a Karn, the Great Creator thread already exists with many of the talking points you've highlighted:

Additionally, @Stuart made a fresh thread now that Karn has successfully pivoted from spoiler season speculation to Vintage all-star. It looks more to garner discussion amongst Karn pilots, whereas your thread gives off much more of a self-serving vibe:

The latter thread is still fresh, but I'm sure it'll pick up as people come and go.

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@jaco said in SCG CON Summer 2019:

I will be there as well, hosting the Old School event on Thursday, and playing Vintage on Friday. Looking forward to playing in a 20 person Vintage tournament for Power.

Nothing spells out doom and gloom quite like the owner of a Vintage website saying a large Vintage event is going to fail. There's quite a bit of truth in that considering it's a lame duck format that's a week away from getting new printings.

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@desolutionist said in [MH1] Force of Negation:

Has anyone played with this card yet?

Not yet, but the set goes live on MODO today so the preliminary online results should start trickling in this Sunday and be in full force by the following Sunday.

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@chubbyrain said in How do I beat Karn, the Great Creator:

Jesus, here we go...

This is exactly my reaction when I see specific avatars show up in Unread.

Great points by you and @vaughnbros! It's important to remember that Wizards has purposefully skewed data ever since MTGGoldfish solved (quite literally) Khans of Tarkir standard. They used similar methods to the vibrant matchup spreadsheets you create.

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@protoaddict Please just ignore my post if you don't like my subjective view/definition of shaking up the format.

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@chubbyrain said in How much shake up is too much:

@josefk They are defining a "shake up" as something that disrupts the Blue, Colorless, Bazaar triumvirate of Vintage, so this doesn't meet that definition since it merely changed the balance of power between the establishment. Colorless got more powerful with Karn. Blue got weaker with Narset cannibalizing it's own results. Your top 8 results show that (though they are somewhat skewed by the London mulligan testing in April).

I mean, it's an argument dripping in condescension for Vintage players (though I'm not even sure this person knows us that well), flawed in several ways, and is not even that original as I've seen it repeated several times before (green needs it's own Ancestral Recall, it's own Force of Will, it's own Workshop, etc...).

This post is an entirely correct interpretation of mine.

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The London mulligan will be permanent with the release of Core 2020 on July 12, 2019.


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A complete format shake up is completely reasonable. Vintage players rest on their laurels assuming that they won't have to adapt to new printings at the same pace as Standard players. What MODO taught a lot of local end bosses (for a lack of a better term) is that they need to adapt to survive, and not just rest on their same 75 week in and week out.

@Protoaddict, your list of cards is hardly a "shake up". They are blue, black and brown, the same three colors that have defined Vintage for its entire history. They are the same basic effects repackaged, much in the same way most of the War of the Spark planeswalkers are personal Howling Mines repackaged in various colors and sizes.

I think Vintage could benefit from a shake up that something like Standard experiences, where red oscillates from Tier 1 and Tier 3, color combinations go from unsupported to supported and back, and styles of hate and countermeasures go from existing to not. I'd like to see a Vintage where blue is green and black is red, where new printings cause an entire format upheaval but the format retains a balance. What if the two Spirit Guides outclassed brown's ability to generate mana? What if white was Tier 1 and the format respected that? There are so many unimaginable ways a shake up could really play out.

TL:DR - War of the Spark didn't shake up the format and an actual shake up would be cool as long as the resulting metagame was balanced.

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Scrapyard Recombiner - 3
Artifact Creature - Construct - R
Modular 2
T, Sacrifice and artifact: Search your library for a Construct card, reveal it, put it into your hand, then shuffle your library.

With all-stars Hangarback Walker, Walking Ballista, and Foundry Inspector representing the Construct tribe, what is the best way to fit this monster into the tightly-packed Ravager Shops deck?