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These events have managed to pull together 300+ players each, which is amazing for Vintage. I'm really happy with how many players Wizards was able to attract --- great for the format.

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The league has been a blast so far. My only gripe is that it is possible to play against the same opponent within the same league instance, which kinda sucks.

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Has anybody been able to solve this matchup? My best success has been through a combination of Leyline, Tabernacle, and Wasteland --- in that order. I find that if I don't have Leyline in my opener, then the odds of winning decrease exponentially, since resolving disruption becomes extremely difficult.

If Leyline sticks, then they're forced to dig for FoV, and that can be very costly --- those are the games I've found myself winning. I treat this matchup like a control mirror, and as with any control mirror, disrupting the draw engine is the key, so Leyline openings seem to be huge.