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I keep mine in my liquor cabinet most of the time, in my oldschool deck.

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Our next Unlimited Proxy Vintage is on July 8th, come out and play.

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@topical_island The event was a ton of fun. It would have been great to have you out

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We had 26 players come out to battle through five rounds of swiss and the following elimination rounds. In the end, Charles Rolko @Rolko took home the Time Walk.

A break down by Player and Archetype at the end of Swiss, the playout of top 8, and eventually, top 8 deck lists can be found below:

End of Swiss Standings:

  1. Charlie Krug Esper Humans
  2. Shaman Ben (Me) 2 Card Monte
  3. Matt Wareham Shops
  4. James Crouch UW Teferi
  5. Justin Waller UWR Mentor
  6. Charles Rolko UWR Mentor
  7. Jake Weinmann Oath
  8. Daniel Overbeek Esper PO
  9. Kevin Cron UWR Mentor
  10. Kyle Lenox UWR Mentor
  11. Alvaro Mendez-Gomez Shops (had time vault and voltaic servant)
  12. Andriy Yatskiv Dredge
  13. Yuriv Yatskiv Shops
  14. Aaron Katz Bant Mentor
  15. Jeremy Pinter Esper PO
  16. Andrew Mclennan Two Card Monte
  17. Nam Tran Brass City Vault (Shops)
  18. Tom Brownell 4c Landstill
  19. Mike Shops
  20. Greg Kraigher Mono Red Prison
  21. Mark Kubiak Esper PO
  22. Mitchell Castaldini UR Pyromancer
  23. Scott Wilding Blue Belcher
  24. Chad Teuscher BK Oath
  25. Marland Moore UWR Stoneblade
  26. Marcel Moore Shops

Top 8:

Charlie Krug (1) defeats Daniel Overbeek (8)
Shaman Ben (2) defeats Jake Weinmann (7) with his own Griselbrand
Charles Rolko (6) defeats Matt Wareham (3)
James Crouch (4) defeats Justin Waller (5)

Top 4:
Charles Rolko (6) defeats Charlie Krug (1)
James Crouch (4) defeats Shaman Ben (2)


Charles Rolko (6) defeats James Crouch (4) to win the Time Walk


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We had 26 players, and a pretty diverse top 8. I will have results thread shortly

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I am @librarianofleng

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If this card is not getting channel, it can get kaervek's torch.

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I played a build of this deck to a 5-1 finish at our local Vintage today, losing the first round to shops on the draw, then beating Oath twice, Landstill twice, and finally the other 5-1 Pyromancer deck. I likely would have beat shops on the play and the other matches never felt close.

This is the list I played:

I recognize that Slimefoot is just gratuitous, but I said I was going to play it and I held to my word. I would definitely like to play Leovold in that slot. The sideboard can use some work.

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@ssasala I respect the evil of the Q.