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I think the new RG Planeswalkers that gets land back from gy would be very strong in Eldrazi. Between the new canopy lands, and karplusan mountains, shouldn't be a Mana issue. Would be amazing for wasteland obv, alongside the new sac and draw lands, and pinging w ever can chump. Maybe worth the splash?

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What's the B/R list for the old-school event? I'm hoping I can make it

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If you removed all the disruption from the original list shown above in post 1 and went with say:

-4 revoker
-1 chalice
-1 thorn
-1 skull clamp

And added:
+4 frogmite
+2 Helm of Awakening
+1 Mox Opal

How much would it speed it up?
Just theory crafting here, but dropping a helm shouldn't be an issue since you "should" win that turn most of the time, right? Or is it too much a liability?

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Could this have merit in the darker survival lists, like the ones running Death's Shadow, Dr. Shaman, and Street Wraiths? This alongside Death's Shadow and Vengevines/Hollow Ones is a lot of beef.

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@coldcrow Very true, every fetch is now a draw, Necro now draws 2 per life, and Got probe is super broken as is Derpstep with this guy in play.

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Forge Master + Amulet of Vigor. Yay