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Samantha's list is missing Lotus, Ruby, Sapphire, and Dack Fayden.

They were really great cards since I played against Shops 4/5 matches. I would hate to exclude them. 🙂

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In the majority of events I've played, proxies that have been printed out and inserted in front of an actual Magic card are frowned upon, as your proxies are now thicker than the rest of your deck. Still probably less noticeable than, say, an FTV foil, but when we're talking about the thickness of 10-15 of probably the most powerful cards in your deck being different than your basic lands and Preordains, I err on the side of caution.

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@Topical_Island Force of Will is usually the card I draw the turn AFTER my opponent has played a Tinker or a Triskelion. Maybe that's also subconsciously why I hold a grudge against the art. 🙂

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Hi! Woman of color? Yellow? Yellow color? here on the new Force of Will.

I love and embrace what it stands for.

Which is the hope that Force of Will prices are driven into the ground, so I can finally afford the judge promo, whose art I believe is the most aesthetically pleasing and best exemplifies the spirit of the card. It's also the one with the white chick, which I actually had to go and verify before typing this sentence, because I guess I just don't care that much.

Original Force of Will is beautiful because it is iconic. Outside of the status, I think the art is an eyesore, but that is my completely subjective opinion, which most long-time appreciators of the game disagree with, because they also have a subjective opinion.

New Force of Will is like a presidential candidate. You see the promise of a tax break, but you know there's probably not going to be one, especially at Mythic rarity. But art-wise, it's the third best Force of Will.

There's going to be a release draft at my LGS, which is genuinely exciting. I hope that @Soly is not right in there being only a few chase cards, but I could definitely see it panning out that way. I'd pray for a better white option than Knight Errant, though I'm hard pressed to think of anything in white we really need to see (price-wise) besides Moat, womp womp. Selfishly, I want Ravages of War, but that was just promo-ed as well.

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@Greg said:

alt text

alt text

I'm so mad that this is such a fantastic example of recognizable vs. "what is that card?" I love my modern borders, but the second hand could be draft chaff and a Sol Ring. You've ruined me, Greg Fenton. You and your old school art snobbery.

(Matt Stewart Force of Will is still the prettiest. :3)

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I love how there was practically an essay about Eye of Ugin, which we all knew had to go, and about four sentences on LSG that were probably taken verbatim from the VSL.

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@Brass-Man said:

I'm still missing: What's the negative impact to the site if we implement this? I haven't heard any compelling arguments

This may be a minor thing that never becomes relevant, but from experience with people on FB blocking each other, threads can sometimes get gummed up with X and Y (who've blocked each other) both responding to the OP, sometimes even with the same opinion, the OP responding to both, then having to explain that X also said that, and Y saying, "Yes, well I blocked X." Or a poster referencing something Y said when responding to X, then needing to elaborate, and basically just creating a lot of redundancy/awkwardness for those of us who are watching it all. Especially in the type of threads that provoke lengthy and thoughtful conversations, this can be a lot to filter through.

That said, I won't oppose this feature due to how strongly some people feel they need it, but I wouldn't advocate it for the reason above and for the genuine hope that open discourse can at the very least create a respectful "agree to disagree" situation.

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I'm excited to test with it. Unless Gush gets restricted again. Then I'm less excited.

A lot of argument I hear is that it's simply not better than Pyromancer, which I think is true most of the time, but it shores up a lot of the bad match-ups that Pyromancer has, namely Dredge and Oath. Sometimes Mentor. It's definitely a sideboard card for the deck I want it in, really just for the instant-speed one-sided Evac. I guess the 7/8 bit doesn't hurt.

I'm anxious to see the shells other people develop for this card as well. I think it's got promise.

(FWIW, flip side should have had Islandwalk...)