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"It was probably a lousy spell in the first place" - Ertai, Wizard Adept

“He traded sand for skins, skins for gold, gold for life. In the end, he traded life for sand.” –Afari, Tales

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Can you comment on why when an opponent requested that judges shuffle his deck that request was denied?

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Correct Brainstorm art, I like the play.

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Clearly, since Randy lost to Shops we should restrict LSG.

Seriously, awesome job to Montolio and the numbers look great.

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Listen, 5 moxen in a Standstill is clearly the missing link guys. Randy knows how to Vintage better than all of us.

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@TheNightJanitor more clear evidence of the dominance of Lodestone Golem in Vintage!

Seriously though, love to see 4 divergent decks in top 4 and some real interesting design choices. Looks like it was a great event! Congrats Kevin.

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@ChubbyRain Landstill makes occasional appearances, but needing both Wasteland AND Misdirection to be optimal prices a lot of people out of it. Furthermore, I'd say there hasn't been a deck built properly for the meta-game still so there is nothing for people to net deck. Landstill has to be targeted, and people can't even agree on what the targets are...

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@Fisken said:

@Samoht not necessarily true while there are some cards that are inherently good in the mirror and bad vs mishra there is a select few which can serve well in both matchups

Sure a few cards have crossover, but those lose to the ones that are good in the mirror and bad vs Mishra. Flusterstorm and Mental Misstep are by far the best cards in the blue mirror that are unrestricted. Dack Fayden is the one that's best in both and it's quite marginal at best against the current incarnation of Shop (Ravager).

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@Soly don't lose your cool, I've been impressed with your conduct so far.

That said, it's not lazy so much as a requisite to win the mirror. If some blue mages account for Shop and some don't, those that don't will beat those that do. And thus we are here.

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@Aaron-Patten said:

It seems like you're either playing gush or shops. Not much beats both outside of dredge and that makes it hard to bring other decks into the format. Maybe both will get hit. I haven't seen gush perform all that great recently. Still, it is a blue spell after all. So is preordain though so maybe that'll get restricted too.

I could see Channel coming off the restricted list.

It only won the P9 challenge two months ago, the BMI two weeks ago, and several other events in between. Yeah, Gush has done nothing.

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@diophan I do believe that having to play cards for the mirror makes the Blue decks worse vs Shop. That's just the nature of the beast. TVK has all but died since it can't really keep up with Gush long term and still play cards to beat Shops in the long term. To me, a hit to Gush/MM is a stealth buff to Blue not taking it down a notch.