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This one's actually super helpful and I'm bookmarking it for future reference.

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@evouga Yup. Here's confirmation:

The disqualified player in question is former VSL competitor and Vintage stalwart Andreas Petersen. Not a good look for him in any way. Glad WotC took the appropriate action.

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@blindtherapy The About Me on this profile is hilarious

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@joshuabrooks Because they don't know the names of the "real" versions. WOTC is still very much speaking in terms of "we could" do this or that, but they have no solid plans to do so.

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@evouga You described my concern with this change very clearly. It's highly disturbing that they're willing to print mechanically unique cards in this way.

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@thewhitedragon69 said in [ZRN] Omnath, Locus of Creation:

@chubbyrain1 I think when you post "5-0 in vintage challenge with Omnath" people read that as "I 5-0'd because of Omnath,"

I did not read it this way, for the record. I choose to read the words people write as written.

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Congrats, Mike! Glad to see you're still crushing.

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@purple-hat Countering the Mox/Lotus follow-up is a line I hadn't considered. That definitely seems like it would tilt the scales in favor of not countering the Stormcaller. Good call. Depends on the counter you have available, of course.

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@thewhitedragon69 said in [ZRN] Sea Gate Stormcaller:

@revengeanceful I think it just becomes a spell that gets countered whether you are bluffing or not

I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

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@thewhitedragon69 said in [ZRN] Sea Gate Stormcaller:

@revengeanceful I dunno if that works so great because it is "this turn." If you play land, mox, stormcaster...pass, that's terrible. unless you are following up with lotus or sapphire, you're likely not casting anything the opponent cares about anyway in that same turn.

That is the scenario I was thinking. It’s clearly a risky scenario because if you don’t have Sapphire or Lotus to follow it up with it’s terrible as you pointed out, but you wouldn’t take that line unless you had the follow up...or would you? That’s the mind game I enjoy about it.