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@moorebrother1 said in Will there be paper Vintage?:

This is just the reality of where we are today and this has prompted me to ask - what does paper Vintage look like now? I play cards to play with people. MTGO and digital play does not work for me.

It doesn't exist at the moment to my knowledge, at least as far as in-person paper Vintage in the US is concerned. There's still a pandemic on, after all.

I play webcam magic but I want in person card play. If Vintage is only proxy will people show up to play? The number of people playing Vintage on MTGO is going down not up based on number of people in leagues.

Will people show up to play? Maybe, if you work with your local shop to promote it and get people excited to play the format. Maybe bring some extra decks for people to try so they can join the first event or two with no investment. Legacy players should be the easiest to attract since they have a lot of the staples already, but I wouldn't limit myself to just that audience.

Are new players entering the format in digital? Would this players play paper using proxies?

I think you answered this question in your prior question - league numbers are down. I would also not expect digital Vintage players to be easily converted into paper for a variety of reasons:

  • Digital Vintage is really cheap to play overall relative to paper, even if you consider the impact of 10-15 proxies on the paper price
  • Card rental services make it a lot easier to dip your toe in and back out again in digital. I'm not aware of anything similar for paper Magic, and understandably so
  • Lack of events reduces the incentive to acquire paper cards

I'm just interested in honest thoughts.

I think we all just have to face facts that we're playing a dying format. We might have small local resurgences if passionate players fight to build a community and keep it alive, but overall I'd be surprised if the number of people playing Vintage didn't continue to dwindle over time. Just one person's perspective, so take it for what it's worth.

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@lienielsen said in [LEG] Greed:

You should at least be able to see the fact that if you untap with Greed in play, you’re probably going to win the game because of Greed. I mean “EoT Draw 7” is nothing to scoff at. Cannot say the same thing for Divination, Fact or Fiction, or whatever else you want to talk about. Especially when considering immunity to the most popular counterspells

I mean, this is all true, but you're making some pretty hefty assumptions in that "EoT Draw 7" example - namely, this implies that you have 7 black mana and 14 life to spare. A lot of cards would win you the game in that situation, including some mentioned previously (Bargain, Citadel).

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That wording you have isn't entirely accurate. The second ability only lets you exile one of the cards:
Whenever you discard one or more nonland cards, you may exile one of them. If you do, you may cast that card this turn.

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@botvinik Yeah, and hardly anyone plays the FKZ kill any more anyway.

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I wouldn't say that this wrecks Dredge. I think it stops exactly Prized Amalgam, so they still have lots of angles of attack.

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It's fine I guess. Magic has survived worse. I expect this will be another case of the online community making a bigger deal out of an announcement than it ends up being.

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@lienielsen said in Magic Universes Beyond:

How can they print LOTR, Star Wars, or Marvel cards without ownership of those brands?

Licensing agreements