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When we sign on to MTGO versus playing in paper, we're signing up for a completely different game. There is no cheating around the rules, every trigger, phase, and crazy interaction reminded and followed. In paper no such omnipresent judge exists presiding over the game. In paper, rules and procedures have to be developed for every case, scenario, and, unfortunately, precedent to ensure the goal of fair and balanced game. That goal is shared by MTGO.

This is where I'll get controversial. Any MTGO player by definition has a connection to the internet. The internet is the greatest resource and wealth of information available. Both you and your opponent can access outside game information at any time, for as long as you have time left on your clock. An analogy for us older people, MTGO is an open book test.

In the scope of the internet, how do you limit the book?

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I'm looking for the alternate art Mox Sapphire that was supposed to be the reward for the Vintage event. Is it available to see anywhere? I've google searched and can't find anything. Is that due to this controversy?

I remember that Wizards used to do articles for the event, but can't find anything there either.